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  • IPO Reel | Bonfire Labs

    BONFIRE LABS IPO REEL GETTING BUY-IN Having collaborated with the c-suites of over a dozen companies and their banks for public offerings, direct listings, or mergers with a SPAC, we have embraced the philosophy that investors don’t just invest in companies, they invest in people. We see investor films as opportunities to create brand documentaries, highlighting the why, the what, and the who in equal measure.

  • Investor | Bonfire Labs

    GETTING BUY-IN INVESTOR Having collaborated with the c-suites of over twenty five companies and their banks for public offerings, direct listings, or mergers with a SPAC, we have embraced the philosophy that investors don’t just invest in companies, they invest in people. We see investor films as opportunities to create brand documentaries, highlighting the why, the what, and the who in equal measure. FEATURED WORK Endava Hims & Hers Amwell NorCal Heritage Livongo Alector Eventbrite More In Production Out of gallery

  • Fitbit Versa | Bonfire Labs

    FITBIT VERSA LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE On the heels of delivering several videos to launch Ionic, we teamed up again to help shape the message and look of Fitbit’s unveiling of Versa at CES. This was followed by several global broadcast commercials, as well as digital marketing videos. From concept design to scripting, live-action shoots to 3D rendering and post-production, it’s been a blast to collaborate with Fitbit’s amazing team.

  • Behind The Scenes | Bonfire Labs

    SNEAK PEEK BEHIND THE SCENES From home "offices" to socially distant film sets, and all around the world, here's an insider look into life at Bonfire Labs. Out of gallery

  • Salesforce x Bonfire Labs

    BFFS WITH BENIOFF SALESFORCE After a decade of partnership working closely with the creative, marketing, and product teams, Bonfire Labs continues to be a trusted creative resource for the Salesforce brand, producing hundreds of projects a year. Creating content for Dreamforce, keynotes, testimonials, and product launches, we celebrate how complex technology and a simple, customer-focused experience creates real impact. FEATURED WORK World Interrupted Opener Brunello Cucinelli Adidas Rhode Island Salesforce Design Leadership Revenue Cloud 20th Anniversary Film Coca-Cola Blockchain Demo Salesforce Wall Reel Out of gallery

  • Lytro Cinema Camera Launch | Bonfire Labs

    LYTRO CINEMA CAMERA LAUNCH BEST DoP EVER Lytro Cinema is defying the traditional physics of on-set capture by virtualizing creative camera decisions. We were thrilled to get under the hood of this new tech as part of our ongoing partnership with Lytro, from concept to final product. This included shooting and manipulating footage from the Lytro Cinema camera, intensive 3D motion graphics, and interviews with industry leaders.

  • Sony Jane | Bonfire Labs

    SONY JANE SEE JANE GO One of the best things about having friends at Sony is you can lead a case study by saying, “Our friends at Sony asked us for an internal brand spot.” We used a combination of traditional watercolor on paper and stop motion to illustrate the power of a unified UX. The result: we still have friends at Sony. One is named Jane.

  • Logitech x Bonfire Labs

    SOUND ON LOGITECH Over the course of our partnership, Logitech streamlined offerings and built an internal agency. Our built-in flexibility allowed the relationship to adapt and grow too, as we worked together in launching over ten products. Sometimes as creators, sometimes as a compliment, always as collaborators. FEATURED WORK Tap Powered Family Ultimate Ears Circle Base More In Production Out of gallery

  • Adobe Best of Adobe Experience Cloud | Bonfire Labs

    ADOBE BEST OF EXPERIENCE CLOUD MAKE IT SHORT. MAKE IT SIMPLE. Adobe combined its marketing, analytics, and content tools to create Adobe Experience Cloud. The complex story required a simple solution to reach Adobe customers. Bonfire Labs boiled it down to a set of 27 short, animated films. Each piece clearly communicates how Experience Cloud works, and why customers need it.

  • GoPro Ecosystem | Bonfire Labs

    GOPRO ECOSYSTEM GETTING THE FULL EXPERIENCE GoPro does more than hardware. They have software, editing, apps -- a whole extended universe, if you will. So to hammer that point home, we took a page from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and shot 20 feature-length films featuring Robert Downey Jr., ScarJo, and ...sorry, I'm being told that's wrong... in fact we produced this ONE film featuring the whole GoPro ecosystem starring athletes that are a little more down to earth. Not all heroes wear capes. But most wear a GoPro.

  • GoPro Custom Solutions | Bonfire Labs

    GOPRO CUSTOM SOLUTIONS YOUR POINT OF VIEW We made this one look super technical to clearly convey that this was a different type of GoPro offering -- not the one you’d just pick up at the store, but a B2B-type custom solution to fit your specific camera needs (and the more specific, the better).

  • Salesforce 20th Anniversary Film | Bonfire Labs

    SALESFORCE 20TH ANNIVERSARY FILM ALL GROWN UP Salesforce, a basically anonymous try-hard of a local company, was about to turn 20. We implored them, aim high for a change! When they eventually caved and agreed that their story was worth telling, we crafted this unique story, augmenting it with all kinds of cool footage and throwback designs. Salesforce gained a bit of steam and finally made headlines as a result. This video was so successful that, as you probably know, the tallest building in San Francisco is now the Bonfire Labs Tower.

  • Product Marketing | Bonfire Labs

    WHAT DOES IT DO? PRODUCT MARKETING Hey Google, if I film my 501s dancing to build an AR experience in Adobe Aero using my Logitech Pencil and then share it on Google Drive, will my Fitbit Versa still log the steps? FEATURED WORK Fitbit Charge 4 Adobe Illustrator for iPad Logitech Circle Google Pixel Adobe Sensei Varian Medical Systems Halcyon Google Clips Levi's 501 CT Square Terminal API GoPro Hero Black Google Cloud "The Pitch" More In Production Out of gallery

  • Google Shopping | Bonfire Labs

    GOOGLE SHOPPING FROM PRODUCT TO CUSTOMER Google required a unified look for product demos from all corners of their organization. ​ We attacked the problem with our usual spirit of experimentation and curiosity, ultimately delivering a practical and stylish solution that utilized model-making and stop motion animation to create an effect that was very “Googley” and garnered unanimous praise.

  • Fitbit Versa Family | Bonfire Labs

    FITBIT VERSA FAMILY FUN FOR EVERYONE A younger audience and more vibrant product selection gave us ample inspiration to push the animation and color into new spaces. This launch video quickly graduated from the web to nationally run broadcast.

  • Logitech Quake | Bonfire Labs

    LOGITECH QUAKE WE'RE GAME #ProTip Close-ups of products in a black void always look cool af. So when Logitech wanted to launch their new gaming headphones, Pro X Wireless, we highlighted every new feature, curve, seam and sound that’ll be a win for every player.

  • Services | Bonfire Labs

    SO MANY HATS SERVICES Creative. Production. Strategy. Social. Animation. Experiential. VFX. Education. Rapid branding. Documentary. Product launches. Prototyping. Investor pitches. Too many to fit our character cou Animation Brand Documentary Experiential Education Investor Product Marketing Social Out of gallery

  • Vertex Brand Anthem | Bonfire Labs

    VERTEX BRAND ANTHEM TAX TECHNOLOGY AT THE SPEED OF BUSINESS Quick, what taxes will you have to pay when you hire Bonfire Labs? Don't know? Vertex does. Using custom illustrations and frame-by-frame animation, we found a colorful and playful way to highlight Vertex at the intersection of commerce and compliance... mostly because the content for every other tax compliance software is about as interesting as it sounds.

  • Adobe Festival of the Impossible | Bonfire Labs

    ADOBE FESTIVAL OF THE IMPOSSIBLE IMPOSSIBLE MADE POSSIBLE Augmented Reality was a tough story to tell even before the whole idea of reality itself changed in 2020. For the (perfectly named) Festival of the Impossible, Bonfire Labs created a look and feel for the now-virtual event, and produced both educational and social content, including six artist profiles from around the world. As the artists created immersive art using Adobe’s Aero platform just after the first lockdown, we were with them every virtual step of the way, helping them tell their stories and capture their own content. This included shipping camera setups directly to the artists, guiding them through equipment setup and locations, and conducting Zoom interviews to provide the narration. We could sum this up by saying something like, “the impossible exists to remind us of our own possibilities.” But honestly we still like meeting people face to masked face!

  • Adobe Social Media Summit | Bonfire Labs

    ADOBE SOCIAL MEDIA SUMMIT SOCIAL FIRST As the kick-off to Adobe’s Social Media Summit, we shared stories of social’s power to give voice, perpetuate a movement and connect people around the world. This film introduced Adobe’s CMO and prompted conversation around Adobe’s role in the social sphere.