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  • 2024 Showreel | Bonfire Labs

    2024 SHOWREEL A YEAR OF EVOLUTION AND CHANGE This past year we embraced new storytelling techniques and integrated AI into our workflows and lives. We collaborated with new brands and built deeper relationships with our long time partners. Live action, animation, branding, documentaries, and so much more. Plus, in-person parties are back!

  • Live Action Showreel | Bonfire Labs

    LIVE ACTION SHOWREEL ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER Our recent projects span the gamut from tear-inducing divulgences to keynotes that get butts both in and out of seats, blurring (if not outright erasing) the lines between brand and documentary. In the realm of live action, we don't just capture moments; we create them.

  • AI Showreel | Bonfire Labs

    AI SHOWREEL EVEN GENIUSES NEED ASSISTANTS Good news: in just a year, AI tools have evolved from uncanny valleys and 6-fingered people to legit usefulness on projects for Salesforce, Okta, Dave Banking, and Adobe, More good news: AI is terrible at world domination, but fantastic at making styleframes.

  • Clients | Bonfire Labs

    MORE LIKE PARTNERS CLIENTS We have long-running collaborative partnerships with some of the best brands in the world. Many of them, in fact. From cameras to cannabis, tech to travel, and Salesforce to...Salesforce.org. ADDITIONAL CLIENTS

  • HPE x Bonfire Labs

    OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS HPE We’ve collaborated with HPE’s executive, brand, and creative teams since 2019, making everything from show openers to CEO interviews to multi-film launch campaigns across different product and business lines. And we can’t wait to discover what’s next. FEATURED WORK Brand Film Discover Opener Greenlake Series Building Culture Ezmeral More in production

  • Adobe MAX Conference 2020

    ADOBE MAX CONFERENCE MAXED OUT When Adobe came to us during a global pandemic and said they wanted to create the biggest creativity conference in the world, admit unlimited attendees, and host hundreds of work sessions and tutorials, we passed an invite along to Dr. Fauci and told everyone to stay home.

  • THX Brand Exploration | Bonfire Labs

    THX BRAND EXPLORATION A VISION FOR THE FUTURE Our team worked closely with the EVP at THX to realize a new vision for a 30+ year old brand. The challenge was to breathe new life while honoring George Lucas's initial vision for the company. The results were a truly digital brand “book”, a long-form brand film, plus new web content and an updated site.

  • Logitech x Bonfire Labs

    SOUND ON LOGITECH Over the course of our partnership, Logitech streamlined offerings and built an internal agency. Our built-in flexibility allowed the relationship to adapt and grow too, as we worked together in launching many new products. Sometimes as creators, sometimes as a compliment, always as collaborators. FEATURED WORK Powered Family logitech astro a30 TAP Circle Base Ultimate Ears LOGITECH QUAKE More In Production

  • Bonfire Labs | Contact

    HAVE A QUESTION? CONTACT US Work with us. Work for us. Collaborate. Build. Work hard. Have fun. First Name Last Name Company Email Phone SUBMIT

  • Okta Oktane Opener 2023 | Bonfire Labs

    OKTA OKTANE OPENER 2023 DOING MORE WITH LESS To open Okta’s 2023 Oktane event, we used a combination of artful footage, engaging interviews, and on-screen titles to craft a showstopping (or rather, show-starting) film that demonstrated how Okta’s identity solutions help businesses do more.

  • Bonfire Labs | Contact

    grazie | dankeschön | je vous remercie | gracias | gratias tibi | ありがとうございました THANK YOU FOR CONTACTING US We'll be in touch soon! SEE ALL WORK

  • Ancestry Yearbooks | Bonfire Labs

    ANCESTRY YEARBOOKS IT'S PICTURE DAY! We’re not saying your grandpa lied to you when he said he was voted “Most likely to drive a Ferrari” in high school... but now you can find out for sure. Ancestry’s got the proof, to the tune of over 300,000 yearbooks from all 50 states, going back over a century. Bonfire Labs brought this wildly addictive offering to life across TV, web, and social. Then we were voted most likely to get repeat business, look it up.

  • SFDO ALS Association | Bonfire Labs

    SALESFORCE.ORG ALS ASSOCIATION HONORING PETE FRATES We say “Ice bucket.” You say…? ​ We know you said “challenge.” The ice bucket challenge did more than go viral, it was a game-changing moment for the ALS Association. It completely crossed over into culture at large. So how did that happen? For this Salesforce.org customer story, we found out. The answer started with a brave family, a singular organization, and a life-changing experience for everyone involved.

  • 8x8 Overview Film | Bonfire Labs

    8X8 OVERVIEW FILM GREAT COMMUNICATOR 8x8 brings together a total communications experience, voice + video + chat. Everything except carrier pigeons. So they turned to us to communicate this value to their customers. With a new client comes a ground-up creative process and the team at 8x8 was ready to push the limits on motion graphics. What we achieved was a video that appeals to anyone that needs better communication, specifically more voice…video…or chat in their lives.

  • HPE Greenlake Manufacturing Demo | Bonfire Labs

    HPE GREENLAKE SERIES CLOUD FORWARD HPE Greenlake helps businesses adapt to the Cloud-first world through unparalleled security, ease of use, and stability. We dove below the surface to create a series of 5 films, each targeted to a specific vertical, with the goal of showing what HPE Greenlake can do for your Enterprise.

  • Product Marketing | Bonfire Labs

    WHAT DOES IT DO? PRODUCT MARKETING Hey Google, if I film my 501s dancing to build an AR experience in Adobe Aero using my Logitech Pencil and then share it on Google Drive, will my Fitbit Versa still log the steps? FEATURED WORK FITBIT CHARGE 4 Adobe Illustrator for iPad Google Career Certificates Logitech Circle Google Pixel Adobe Sensei Varian Medical Systems Halcyon Google Clips Levi's 501 CT Square Terminal API GoPro Hero Black Google Cloud The Pitch HPE GREENLAKE logitech quake Docusign CLM RingCentral MVP

  • Work | Bonfire Labs

    CHECK IT OUT WORK Honestly why read about it up here when you could already be watching it right down there? Epic stuff, funny stuff, human stuff, cool stuff, pretty stuff, smart stuff. So MUCH stuff! Angi Customer Testimonial BigCommerce The Knot HPE Ezmeral Okta Customer Identity Logitech Ultimate Ears RARIBLE What is splunk? MADE BY THE BAY Google x Football Association NorCal Cannabis LinkedIn Teen Safety Ancestry Make Them Count" GE Minds + Machines Conference Levi's 501 CT ADOBE X PIXAR SOUL CONTEST Brunello Cucinelli Fitbit Ace Salesforce World Interrupted Opener Salesforce Adidas Twitter 10th Anniversary Blade Shadow Logitech Tap Facebook Manifold VR Camera Ancestry Past to Present

  • Google Meet Healthcare | Bonfire Labs

    GOOGLE MEETS UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN While everything was a little uncertain at the start of the pandemic, one thing was for sure, we were all spending A LOT more time on Google Meets. So much so that usage increased 30x in three months. This spot highlighted front line workers as they confronted the pandemic, and kicked off a campaign for Google Meets across industries.

  • GoPro Hero Black | Bonfire Labs

    GOPRO HERO BLACK ALL THE TOOLS IN ONE PACKAGE Mexico. Cameras. Mounts. Newness. Beauty. Interviews. Concerts. CG. Dogs. Whitewater. Skis. Products. Vistas. Emotions. Insights. Momentum. Goosebumps. Margaritas. Beaches. Dancing. Margaritas. Revelry. Margaritas. Disagreement. Shouting. Running. Running. Escaping. Falling. Ditch. Sleeping. Dreaming. Sunrise. Sweating. Passport. Airport. Flying. Editing. Cameras. Mounts. Epic. Launch. Films.

  • Salesforce Wall Reel | Bonfire Labs

    SALESFORCE WALL REEL MAKING OUR MARK ON THE BIG SCREEN Part of an ongoing installation in Salesforce buildings around the country, showcasing the work we do for their architecture group.

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