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    OOPS! Page Not Found We searched high and low for this URL, but it doesn't exist. Yet. You can go HOME , or feel free to reach out . We'd be happy to help you get your very own page full of content on our site.

  • Genentech | Bonfire Labs

    GENENTECH EVERYDAY EPIC HEADLINE GOES HERE Genentech wanted to celebrate the day-in, day-out work of their scientists--a radical reminder that small, steady steps ultimately drive medical progress, not big “Eureka!” moments. Tissue warning: this piece is unapologetically inspirational, because these are the people ultimately saving human lives. No offense, Marvel.

  • Ancestry St. Patrick's Day | Bonfire Labs

    ANCESTRY ST. PATRICK'S DAY FINDING YOUR REDHEADED ROOTS We’re honored to have worked with Ancestry.com, executing creative together to produce a final spot that hits the mark. Call it the Luck-of-the-Irish, but we know it takes tons of creative talent to make marketing magic on St. Patrick’s Day and every day.

  • Fitbit Versa | Bonfire Labs

    FITBIT VERSA LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE On the heels of delivering several videos to launch Ionic, we teamed up again to help shape the message and look of Fitbit’s unveiling of Versa at CES. This was followed by several global broadcast commercials, as well as digital marketing videos. From concept design to scripting, live-action shoots to 3D rendering and post-production, it’s been a blast to collaborate with Fitbit’s amazing team.

  • Twitter Manifesto Film | Bonfire Labs

    TWITTER MANIFESTO FILM FOLLOW FOR FOLLOW What do you do when asked to concept, write, and produce a manifesto-driven campaign to help relaunch the Twitter brand? In the case of Bonfire Labs’ janitor Christopher Weldon, you start by going back and deleting your most embarrassing tweets. All 12,452 of them. Just in case. Then you roll up your sleeves, ask yourself some hard questions in the mirror, and get your less-shook coworkers to concept, write, and produce a manifesto-driven campaign to help relaunch the Twitter brand. Then, later, you tweet about how great all the attention and buzz around the film makes you feel.

  • Facebook Point Cloud | Bonfire Labs

    FACEBOOK POINT CLOUD YOU HAVE MEMORIES TO LOOK BACK ON TODAY Facebook came to Bonfire Labs to help visually represent a concept for a new bleeding edge technology that incorporates a user’s photos into real world 3D environments. The animation was done using a combination of Unity, Cinema 4D, and Adobe After Effects, and helped to tell the story of this new tech in a visually arresting Point Cloud style, debuting at Facebook's annual conference, F8.

  • Tipping Point | Bonfire Labs

    TIPPING POINT AMPLIFIED EVENT MAKING NOISE FOR A GOOD CAUSE For this incredible nonprofit that fights poverty in the Bay Area, we covered event messaging, art installations, noise-responsive interactive elements, event photography and video, and live social media management. We can’t take credit for Janelle Monáe and The Roots, who were there too.

  • GoPro Karma | Bonfire Labs

    GOPRO KARMA A BIRD’S EYE VIEW Mexico. Cameras. Mounts. Newness. Beauty. Interviews. Concerts. CG. Dogs. Whitewater. Skis. Products. Vistas. Emotions. Insights. Momentum. Goosebumps. Margaritas. Beaches. Dancing. Margaritas. Revelry. Margaritas. Disagreement. Shouting. Running. Running. Escaping. Falling. Ditch. Sleeping. Dreaming. Sunrise. Sweating. Passport. Airport. Flying. Editing. Cameras. Mounts. Epic. Launch. Films.

  • Fitbit Sense | Bonfire Labs

    FITBIT SENSE MIND MEETS BODY The newest Fitbit smartwatch is their first that expands the focus from a person’s physical habits to their overall mental and emotional health. We remotely managed thousands of frames of photoreal CG product renders, and created exploded-view CG shots stunning enough to stand alone on social and online. Produced during quarantine, we quickly realized that overall health was relevant in completely new ways, to all kinds of potential customers, and to us. So we worked with our clients to evolve the messaging for maximum impact. And then took a long walk to get some fresh air.

  • Varian Medical Systems Halcyon | Bonfire Labs

    VARIAN MEDICAL SYSTEMS HALCYON PRECISION EVERYWHERE When Varian Medical Systems first told us about their newest, most precise radiation surgery system, we knew what to do. Steal the technology and beat them to market with it. Buy an island. Change our names. New fingerprints. The perfect crime! No sweat. But our dashing New Business Director said companies doing heroic work don’t deserve all that. So we did the other thing we know how to do: produced a memorable launch film for Halcyon that’s as inspirational as it is informational.

  • Fitbit Charge 4 | Bonfire Labs

    FITBIT CHARGE 4 KEEP MOVING FORWARD Our ability to faithfully render Fitbit’s products opened the door for us to create a more versatile set of images than traditional photography would have allowed. This, in turn, influenced the look of the website, packaging, and launch film.

  • GoPro Custom Solutions | Bonfire Labs

    GOPRO CUSTOM SOLUTIONS YOUR POINT OF VIEW We made this one look super technical to clearly convey that this was a different type of GoPro offering -- not the one you’d just pick up at the store, but a B2B-type custom solution to fit your specific camera needs (and the more specific, the better).

  • Salesforce 20th Anniversary Film | Bonfire Labs

    SALESFORCE 20TH ANNIVERSARY FILM ALL GROWN UP Salesforce, a basically anonymous try-hard of a local company, was about to turn 20. We implored them, aim high for a change! When they eventually caved and agreed that their story was worth telling, we crafted this unique story, augmenting it with all kinds of cool footage and throwback designs. Salesforce gained a bit of steam and finally made headlines as a result. This video was so successful that, as you probably know, the tallest building in San Francisco is now the Bonfire Labs Tower.

  • Google Home Workout | Bonfire Labs

    GOOGLE WORKOUT HEY GOOGLE. HI GOOGLE. HEYYY GOOGLE. When Google said they were hearing voices, we asked who was speaking, and it was literally everyone—mom, dad, brother, sister, friend, Aunt Carol, and even the babysitter down the street. Google Home was launching a feature to recognize multiple voices and thus serve up personalized responses. For this new feature, we wanted to visualize how your voice makes your Google Home experience, personal. The success of this single video led to an influx of work from the fast-moving and fast-growing Google Hardware team, starting with Google Home, and then expanding to Pixel, Chromebook, Pixelbook, Clips and whatever they’re making next (or just and beyond?)

  • SFDO Philanthropy Cloud | Bonfire Labs

    SALESFORCE.ORG PHILANTHROPY CLOUD EVERY ACTION COUNTS To help set Salesforce.org apart from the mothership, we keyed into the offbeat positivity of their philanthropic brand. The result is this launch film about a grassroots campaign. We sprinkled in some magical realism because that is how you apply magical realism. Always sprinkle it for best results, especially if you want to highlight the power and impact of an exciting new platform purpose-built for good.

  • Logitech Powered Family

    LOGITECH POWERED FAMILY CORDS? WHAT CORDS? They’re messy and tangled and ugly and cramp our style. With the launch of Logitech’s new wireless charger, we let the environment shine, showing that no matter what your vibe is, charging will fit right in.

  • Ancestry Summer Campaign | Bonfire Labs

    ANCESTRY SUMMER CAMPAIGN A TASTE OF YOUR HERITAGE Why is it called Labor Day if all we do is barbecue and drink beer? We jumped at the chance to direct and produce a spot that answers that question. To capture an authentic and timeless craftsman aesthetic, we cast working bakers, builders, teachers, and farriers. The result was so effective Ancestry added a Times Square media buy, and annual updates for evergreen usage. (To mark our success, we celebrated with a bbq and beer.)

  • LinkedIn Teen Safety | Bonfire Labs

    LINKEDIN TEEN SAFETY SAFETY FIRST “Ugh, Mom! Why do you follow me on Instagram? I live here!” For all the social sharing that happens, teens are still teens and they deserve some privacy. In fact, they cherish it. So what better device to help teach them about safety online than the diary entry? This launched LinkedIn’s empowering initiative that shows teens how to safely move toward the future they want.

  • DataNerd New Relic | Bonfire Labs

    DATANERD NEW RELIC ANTHEM LEVELING UP When New Relic wanted to connect with their core audience (people who really, really, really love data), they asked us to help crack the code. Drawing inspiration from beloved video games, we combined an 8-bit style with a little bit of magic to make an anthemic film to rally Data Nerds around the globe.

  • Ancestry You're in Control | Bonfire Labs

    ANCESTRY YOU'RE IN CONTROL YOUR DNA BELONGS TO YOU The look and feel we developed for this video about privacy and protection proved so effective that Ancestry.com carried it over into all other materials on the topic.

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