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  • Bonfire Labs | Home

    A CREATIVE STUDIO MOVING BRANDS FURTHER FASTER we think like an agency, act like a production company, and behave like adults REEL Dreamforce 2023 Opener Google Career Certificates Facebook x PAC-MAN Quip Rechargeable Toothbrush Ancestry 1950 Census Logitech Astro A30 Fitbit Sense 2 Toast Spark Angi BBQ G-P Brand Re-Launch Salesforce AI Day Bitwise Sommelier Salesforce.org Education Cloud Adobe Smithsonian Ancestry Yearbooks Salesforce Rhode Island Square Terminal API Rakuten Cash Back for Change Google Cloud The Pitch Airbnb Host Education Sony Jane SEE MORE WORK

  • Google Every Day | Bonfire Labs

    GOOGLE EVERY DAY GETTING YOU ANYWHERE, ANYTIME We wrote a whole thing for this case study about the value of true partnership. Although accurate and honest, it sounded sooo cheesy. Sometimes we question our writer’s dedication, among other things, like his dumb hats. But anyway! This project! With a compressed production schedule and the UI still in beta, Bonfire Labs generated new animations (sometimes hourly) so the on-camera talent could naturally interact with the devices. We had a hand in everything on this effort, from production to live action, matte paintings, prototype UI, editorial, color, audio and finishing. Plus with the use of split screens, we were able to deliver 30% more content. ​ But you know what’s even more valuable than 30% more content? The deep and mutually fulfilling emotions resulting from a TRUE PARTNERSHIP.

  • Salesforce Dreamforce 2023 Opener | Bonfire Labs

    SALESFORCE DREAMFORCE 2023 OPENER MAGIC IN THE AI-R 2023 is the year of AI and Dreamforce is no exception. With McConaughey’s VO and generative AI for animation, we brought Salesforce's vision of the future to life in the Dreamforce opening film. A future where data, AI, and CRM help you connect with customers in a whole new way. So that everyone can be an Einstein. There truly is magic in the AI-r. Can you feel it?

  • Splunk Data To Everything

    SPLUNK DATA TO EVERYTHING ALL THE SPLUNK This was our first film, that set the look, feel and tone for many pieces to follow. It was the launch of Splunk's Data To Everything campaign, a brand platform and tagline that continues to the foundation for all marketing work.

  • Asana IPO Roadshow | Bonfire Labs

    ASANA IPO ROADSHOW COLLABORATING WITH THE BEST Asana helps teams work together to get awesome things done. And we worked with them to get this awesome IPO video done. Telling the story of Asana’s philosophy, capabilities, and tools was a real collaborative effort, and (no surprise here) everything went very smoothly and everyone stayed on task.

  • Adobe "Soul" Contest

    ADOBE + PIXAR "SOUL" CONTEST THE IDEA CREATING CREATIVE ABOUT CREATIVITY With their new movie Soul jazzing up theaters, Pixar partnered with Adobe to create a contest celebrating creativity in all its forms — and the partnered with Bonfire Labs to promote it. Layering 3D movie assets with 2D animation, we made a series of toe-tapping social media videos to raise awareness and drive submissions.

  • Bigcommerce IPO Roadshow | Bonfire Labs

    BIGCOMMERCE IPO ROADSHOW OUR FIRST PAN-PANDEMIC PROJECT When our friends at eCommerce provider BigCommerce were going public, they turned to us to make a standout IPO video. We planned, prepped, and filmed around their office in Austin — and then Covid hit. The next few months meant rethinking our post-production and collaboration processes and the ways we tell a cohesive story. A story that had investors putting BigC into their shopping carts, as the stock price almost doubled in the first three weeks after it opened.

  • Square Terminal API | Bonfire Labs

    SQUARE TERMINAL API LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION? This commercial follows a spiritually bereft, artistically inept director as he goes about foisting his inert “vision” on the patient souls at Square, when all they want is a sharp piece of educational film about their new software platform. We’ve never met, much less worked with, any directors like this. It is a character made up out of thin air, with no relation to anyone on staff. Let’s be clear: any similarities between this director and Ty Bardi are purely coincidental.

  • Adobe Illustrator for iPad | Bonfire Labs

    ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR FOR IPAD CREATING VECTORS ON THE GO One of our core values is humility. So when we invented the iPad, we just gave the whole thing to Steve. We didn’t need all the attention that comes with something like that. We didn’t even tell Adobe the whole iPad thing was our idea when they asked us to make this launch film for Adobe Illustrator for iPad. It was a natural opportunity to bring it up! But we did not. This is all true. Another of our core values is honesty.

  • GE Minds + Machines | Bonfire Labs

    GENERAL ELECTRIC MINDS + MACHINES TECHOLOGY FOR SAFETY GE showed this video to open their Minds + Machines Conference. The high profile slot was befitting GE’s Innovations Lab and its accomplishments in sharing intelligence and data to enhance safety on oil rigs around the world. We brought it all to life with animation, because opening minds with machines is one of the things we do best.

  • BigCommerce Brand & Product Films | Bonfire Labs

    BIGCOMMERCE BRAND & PRODUCT FILMS EVERYTHING’S BIGGER IN TEXAS That’s right, even Commerce. So when our friends at BigCommerce called to help bring their new brand to life in video, we grabbed a half-rack of Lone Star and saddled up. Working closely with their creative team, we established a design system in motion that nobody would want to mess with.

  • Splunk Superbowl Ad

    SPLUNK SUPERBOWL AD TOUCHDOWN The creative partnership between Splunk and Bonfire Labs was on full display during Super Bowl LIV with a 30-second ad spotlighting how the Splunk platform transforms businesses by bringing data-to-everything. Anchored in Splunk’s brand colors, the type-driven spot elevates found footage showing ordinary people doing extraordinary things when empowered by the Splunk.

  • ModMed Awareness Spot

    MODMED AWARENESS CAMPAIGN CHARMING AWARENESS CAMPAIGN — STAT ModMed makes software that helps doctors run their businesses, so they can focus on the things that made them dream of being doctors when they were kids. Starting with that insight, we brought in a crew of precocious youngsters to underscore the headaches of dealing with payroll, filing claim forms, and all the other stuff dreams aren’t made of.

  • Services | Bonfire Labs

    SO MANY HATS SERVICES Creative. Production. Strategy. Social. Animation. Experiential. VFX. Education. Rapid branding. Documentary. Product launches. Prototyping. Investor pitches. Too many to fit our character cou Animation Brand Documentary Experiential Education Investor Product Marketing Social

  • Social | Bonfire Labs

    ❤️🐴📷🌭🛹🏀🐻🐕🎂👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨🎧 😍 SOCIAL Putting all those hours of endless scrolling to good use. By studying consumer behavior, conversations, and interests, we take a contextual approach to social content. What will people like? How can we insert ourselves into conversations without being thirstyyy? How can we compete against that video of the cat that’s afraid of their own reflection? FEATURED WORK Made By The Bay Google Career Certificates NorCal Cannabis Case Study RARIBLE Adobe Lightroom Hint Water Adobe Premiere Pro Facebook Spark AR Al Chapo's Playlists Case Study Salesforce.org Beyond Profit Case Study Occidental Hills Case Study Fitbit Versa 2

  • Brand | Bonfire Labs

    STRATEGY MEETS CREATIVITY BRAND Brand expressions are no longer carved in stone and shouted from a mountaintop, they are an ever-evolving conversation with their many audiences. For a brand to evolve iteratively and organically, it needs strong foundations on which it can build a virtuous cycle between audience feedback and impactful, sometimes provocative, content to propel it forward. FEATURED WORK Toast Spark G-P Brand Re-Launch InMarket Cannes Campaign Blade Shadow Twitter 10th Anniversary Okta Customer Identity Salesforce Education Cloud Ancestry Case Study NorCal Case Study THX Brand Exploration Ancestry Make Them Count SFDO Philanthropy Cloud

  • Amwell Anthem | Bonfire Labs

    AMWELL ANTHEM HEALTHCARE ANYWHERE Amwell is a telehealth pioneer led by two charismatic sibling co-CEOs. Their ask from the get-go was to break the mold of the traditional 30-minute roadshow film, so rather than focus on the staid format of CEO & CFO singing their own praises, we landed on making a 10-minute customer piece filmed in 6 locations around the world. Focusing on Amwell's strengths through the lens of doctors, hospitals, and patients became the most natural way to highlight Amwell’s widespread success.

  • Rarible | Bonfire Labs

    BRANDING + CAMPAIGN RARIBLE The last thing a fast-growing NFT marketplace needs in the hyperfast-growing world of crypto is another fungible brand. We worked with the Rarible team in focused sprints to garner input and investment from the leadership team to rapidly develop a Brand Prototype as well as the groundwork for a brand and channel strategy. This allowed us to iterate immediately into some content prototypes that showed how the brand walks, talks, and looks to the public. And what better way to test those prototypes than in real NFT drop campaigns, event content, and social/digital advertising. Of course all of this work is available as NFTs. You can bid on them on Rarible. With the California cannabis industry booming, it’s a rush to market for who can garner the attention of not just customers, retailers and partners, but also investors. And to come out on top, a company needs a clear brand narrative that’s credible, unique and memorable. Over the course of six months, we partnered with NorCal’s internal marketing team to build a brand from the ground up, from branding guidelines to film to social channels and event marketing, we touched every component of elevating NorCal’s reputation across the country. FOUNDATIONAL BRAND WORK Working collaboratively with internal stakeholders, we were able to set foundations in strategy, messaging and design, all in a short few weeks. NFT DROP CAMPAIGNS This branding work led to us putting it to the test through multiple NFT drops, working to launch drops from French Montana and "Women Rise," a collection of female artists, debuting at Art Basel in Miami. FRENCH MONTANA DROP WOMEN RISE DROP @ ART BASEL TEMPLATES FOR ONGOING CONTENT In between drops, Rarible has a lot of other information to communication, whether be the platform, unveiling features or industry news. Again using the work from our branding exercises, we created a series of templates across social, email and presentation design for ongoing applications.

  • Google Meet Healthcare | Bonfire Labs

    GOOGLE MEETS UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN While everything was a little uncertain at the start of the pandemic, one thing was for sure, we were all spending A LOT more time on Google Meets. So much so that usage increased 30x in three months. This spot highlighted front line workers as they confronted the pandemic, and kicked off a campaign for Google Meets across industries.

  • The Knot | Leading Up to "I Do"

    THE KNOT LEADING UP TO "I DO" The Knot is an all-in-one wedding planning platform . For this campaign we used real user stories, uncovering the special moments that lead up to the big day. From the proposal, to picking a venue, to place settings, planning doesn't have to be difficult. In fact, The Knot makes it easy, fun and filled with love. Of course. MAKE IT YOU :30 "SAMUEL AND NATHALIE " MAKE IT YOU :15 "MARCUS AND URSULA" MAKE IT YOU :15 "KURT AND GARY" ENDLESS LOVE :30

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