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  • Animation Reel | Bonfire Labs

    BONFIRE LABS ANIMATION REEL 2D, 3D, 4D, & BEYOND As a full-service creative studio, Bonfire Labs has complete in-house animation capabilities. Hand-drawn 2D to photo-real 3D, initial-concept drawings to pixel-perfect final renders, and every hyphenate in between. Or is it in-between?

  • Behind The Scenes | Bonfire Labs

    SNEAK PEEK BEHIND THE SCENES From home "offices" to socially distant film sets, and all around the world, here's an insider look into life at Bonfire Labs. Out of gallery

  • Share your Love with The Knot

    Share your love To celebrate 25 years of helping people plan the most unforgettable weddings, we’re making a commercial that features you and your favorite wedding planning moments. From tastings and fittings to decor, event planning, and everything in between. If you have videos or photos from your wedding planning experience and would like to be featured, share your story with us here. Get up to $500 for selected content Submissions end 12/06 Upload Image Upload supported file (Max 15MB) Upload Video Upload supported file (Max 15MB) Submit Thanks for sharing!

  • Bonfire Labs | Home

    WE ARE A CREATIVE STUDIO BORN & BRED IN SAN FRANCISCO working remotely around the world REEL Facebook x PAC-MAN Google Career Certificates Adobe Aero Fitbit Sense Rakuten "Cash Back for Change" Logitech Ultimate Ears Salesforce.org Education Cloud Ancestry Yearbooks Google Cloud "The Pitch" Airbnb Host Education Salesforce Rhode Island Square Terminal API Sony Jane DREAMFORCE OPENER More In Production Out of gallery SEE MORE WORK

  • Ancestry x Bonfire Labs

    CONNECTING TODAY TO YESTERDAY ANCESTRY Since 2013, Bonfire Labs has worked extensively with Ancestry’s executive, brand, and creative teams. Sometimes we concept, sometimes we produce. Often we do both. For everything from TV spots to website content, global campaigns to micro-targeted social. As the world grows increasingly myopic, staying connected with the past has never been more vital, and the stories that guide people there have never been more rewarding to tell. FEATURED WORK St. Patrick's Day "Make Them Count" Yearbooks Father's Day Olympics Ancestry Past to Present DNA Day Summer Campaign Holiday Hand-in-Hand You're in Control Untold Stories Out of gallery

  • Animation | Bonfire Labs

    ooOooOo PRETTY ANIMATION 2D, 3D, 2.5D, Augmented Reali-D, D-Fence, Vitamin D. We do all the Ds. FEATURED WORK Applovin Explainer Fitbit Sense HPE Ezmeral adobe max 2020 Sony Jane Vertex Brand Anthem LinkedIn Teen Safety Fitbit Ionic Salesforce Revenue Cloud Salesforce.org Education Cloud Farewell How It Works Dropbox Business Salesforce Wall Reel Salesforce World Interrupted FACEBOOK MANIFOLD VR CAMERA more in production Out of gallery

  • Social | Bonfire Labs

    ❤️🐴📷🌭🛹🏀🐻🐕🎂👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨🎧 😍 SOCIAL Putting all those hours of endless scrolling to good use. By studying consumer behavior, conversations, and interests, we take a contextual approach to social content. What will people like? How can we insert ourselves into conversations without being thirstyyy? How can we compete against that video of the cat that’s afraid of their own reflection? FEATURED WORK NorCal Cannabis Case Study RARIBLE Hint Water Facebook Spark AR Al Chapo's Playlists Case Study Salesforce.org Beyond Profit Case Study Occidental Hills Case Study Tipping Point Fitbit Versa 2 more in production Out of gallery

  • Ancestry | Bringing Past to Present

    ANCESTRY BRINGING PAST TO PRESENT Ancestry’s brand is built on connecting the past with the present. Between family trees, DNA records and historical documents, Ancestry members are able to discover hidden stories. For this campaign we conducted numerous customer interviews revealing how member's personal past connected to historical events and today's milestones. By sourcing original, historical photos and creating branded 2D and 3D motion graphics, we brought the past into the present. 100TH ANNIVERSARY OF WOMEN'S RIGHT TO VOTE "THE WOMEN WHO" MEMORIAL DAY "UNTOLD STORIES" 2020 "RESILIENCE" BLACK HISTORY MONTH "FAMILY HEROES" MOTHER'S DAY "TRAILBLAZING WOMEN" MEMORIAL DAY "THE MAN BEHIND THE MEDAL"

  • Google x Bonfire Labs

    WE'RE FEELING LUCKY GOOGLE Product launches, user education, social campaigns, moonshot pitches, conference centerpiece videos. Bonfire has done it all for Google in a decade-plus relationship that’s part strategic, part creative, part production, and all partnership. Google always keeps it Googley, in all the ways, so we do too. Look it up on Bing if you don’t believe us. FEATURED WORK Partner Summit Google Career Certificates Google x Football Association Every Day Home Good Morning Next Event Teaser The Pitch Adsense Clips Pixel Pixelbook Google Chromebook Google Carrefour More in production Out of gallery

  • Ancestry Olympics | Bonfire Labs

    ANCESTRY OLYMPICS DO YOU HAVE GOLD IN YOUR DNA? Did you ever think "Salchow" was actually spelled "sow cow" and wonder what farm animals had to do with ice skating? Fortunately, we've never had to explain that, but we did get to use a moment of Olympic fever to explain how Ancestry DNA can help you discover where your heritage of greatness comes from, whether it was a farm or a frozen pond.

  • Twitter #Politics | Bonfire Labs

    TWITTER #POLITICS #VOTE This abashedly partisan bit of fake news was one of a series of videos focused on a key verticals (politics, sports, music, etc) to demonstrate that no matter what your interest, Twitter is where you find what's happening. If you have any doubts, just @ our former President.

  • Google Cloud - The Pitch | Bonfire Labs

    GOOGLE CLOUD THE PITCH MAKE IT WORK Bonfire Labs does a lot of product films. We get to do a lot of product films because we do them well. We do them well because we don’t treat them like product films. For example, when tasked with this Google G Suite piece we thought: “But what if it was actually a thriller?” The finished film — which Bonfire Labs concepted, wrote, produced, shot, edited, and handled all post-work for — premiered during the Day 1 Keynote at Google Next.

  • The Knot | Leading Up to "I Do"

    THE KNOT | MAKE IT YOU LEADING UP TO "I DO" The Knot is an all in one wedding planning platform. For this series of spots we used real user stories, uncovering the special moments that lead up to the big day. From the proposal, to picking a venue, to place settings, planning doesn't have to be difficult. In fact, The Knot makes it easy, fun and filled with love. Of course. MAKE IT YOU :30 "SAMUEL AND NATHALIE " MAKE IT YOU :15 "MARCUS AND URSULA" MAKE IT YOU :15 "KURT AND GARY"

  • Hint Water | Bonfire Labs

    THIRSTY? HINT WATER In 2020, the DTC Hint Water business exploded. To quench their insatiable thirst for constant social content (get it?), we shot, edited and animated a library of product and lifestyle assets. The result was dozens of :15 and :06 social videos pushing unique selling points of the product - flavor, convenience, and low cost. THIRSTY? CLICK HERE.

  • GoPro x Bonfire Labs

    REMEMBER OUTSIDE? GOPRO First partnering with GoPro in 2016, our early successes led to an increased role developing all launch content for four new products, including the omnipresent Point of Sale video in 40,000 stores worldwide. We’ve traveled great lengths and shredded the gnar to highlight the killer stories behind these products and the people who use them, from the forests of the Pacific Northwest to Summer snow in South America. FEATURED WORK Hero Session Ecosystem Hero Black Karma Installation Care Weekend Challenge Custom Solutions Out of gallery

  • Blade Shadow | Bonfire Labs

    BLADE SHADOW CHANGE THE WAY YOU GAME Blade’s flagship product, Shadow, makes high-level gaming available to anyone, finally untethered from the tower. This extremely rare *literal* game-changer is powerful, disruptive, smart... and damn cool. With a referral from our fifth most talented writer, we partnered with our tallest client and harnessed those Shadow-specific qualities for the US launch film, distilling the product’s promise into a distinctive feeling, telling their story in style.

  • Fitbit Charge 4 | Bonfire Labs

    FITBIT CHARGE 4 KEEP MOVING FORWARD Our ability to faithfully render Fitbit’s products opened the door for us to create a more versatile set of images than traditional photography would have allowed. This, in turn, influenced the look of the website, packaging, and launch film.

  • Apollo Music Business Today | Bonfire Labs

    APOLLO MUSIC BUSINESS TODAY YOUR FIRST STEP INTO THE MUSIC INDUSTRY After watching an internal cut of this video, our founder quit her job to take the Apollo music business course and go become a mogul in LA. That’s why you will no longer find Mrs. Alexandra Bonfire in our offices. Thanks a lot, Randy Jackson.

  • 2019 Reel | Bonfire Labs


  • Alector | Bonfire Labs

    ALECTOR IPO ROADSHOW FIRST IN CLASS, INNOVATIVE SCIENCE It’s wild that this feels like a political statement, but we trust science, and love working with scientists. Especially when they are working to cure brain disease.