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  • GoPro Weekend Challenge | Bonfire Labs

    GOPRO WEEKEND CHALLENGE BEST WEEKEND EVER Web series pilot featuring our friend (and Salesforce client) Steve Tornello and his family in a wet and wild adventure. His son got so famous from this one that he ended up on American Idol.

  • Adobe x Bonfire Labs

    OUR BREAD AND BUTTER ADOBE Since 2012, Bonfire Labs has helped bring Adobe’s new products and features to life. Never losing sight of the end user, we love the challenge of making information inspirational, and vice versa. Recent successes include the Aero launch at their MAX event, and a series of videos for the (incredibly named) Festival of the Impossible. FEATURED WORK Adobe Lightroom Adobe Smithsonian adobe max Adobe X PIXAR Soul Contest Design is Power Adobe Premiere Pro Aero Illustrator for iPad Experience Cloud Sensei Festival of the Impossible more in production

  • Logitech Crayon

    LOGITECH CRAYON THE BRIGHTEST CRAYON IN THE BOX Who said crayons were just for kids? Give one to a tourist, an architect or a chef and watch it end up being their favorite tool in their toolbox. So when Logitech wanted to show the many applications of their popular stylus, we kept it simple and seamless, showing that even when our tools are the same, the where, why and how you use them are left to the minds of the beholder. We created a library of videos and stills to be used across all media and focused on any type of customer that gets their hands on this new favorite crayon.

  • Animation | Bonfire Labs

    ooOooOo PRETTY ANIMATION 2D, 3D, 2.5D, Augmented Reali-D, D-Fence, Vitamin D. We do all the Ds. FEATURED WORK Applovin Explainer BigCommerce fitbit sense 2 HPE Ezmeral adobe max InMarket Cannes Campaign Quip Rechargeable Toothbrush Sony Jane Disco Raise The Bar data nerd 8x8 Overview Video Fitbit Ionic LinkedIn Teen Safety Vertex Brand Anthem Salesforce.org Education Cloud Salesforce Revenue Cloud Farewell How It Works Dropbox Business FACEBOOK MANIFOLD VR CAMERA Salesforce Wall Reel Salesforce World Interrupted more in production

  • Fitbit Versa Family | Bonfire Labs

    FITBIT VERSA FAMILY FUN FOR EVERYONE A younger audience and more vibrant product selection gave us ample inspiration to push the animation and color into new spaces. This launch video quickly graduated from the web to nationally run broadcast.

  • 2023 Reel | Bonfire Labs

    BONFIRE LABS REEL WE'RE GROWING. WE'RE ADAPTING. IT'S ALL VERY EXCITING. Another year of change and growth for our team, our clients, and the world. We traveled the globe working with incredible brands (40+) on hundreds of projects. Live action, animation, branding, documentaries, social content, EDU and lots of fun in between.

  • Google x Bonfire Labs

    WE'RE FEELING LUCKY GOOGLE Product launches, user education, social campaigns, moonshot pitches, conference centerpiece videos. Bonfire has done it all for Google in a decade-plus relationship that’s part strategic, part creative, part production, and all partnership. Google always keeps it Googley, in all the ways, so we do too. Look it up on Bing if you don’t believe us. FEATURED WORK Partner Summit Google Career Certificates Google x Football Association Every Day Home Good Morning Next Event Teaser The Pitch Adsense Clips Pixel Pixelbook Google Chromebook Google Carrefour more in production

  • Ancestry Holiday | Bonfire Labs

    ANCESTRY HOLIDAY THE MOST PERSONAL GIFT YOU CAN GIVE The initial concept here was, “Let’s not forget the time Zach gave his son the same gift eight nights in a row and had to delete the unboxing videos because they were honestly tragic.” That ended up not fitting the spirit of the holidays, or the rewarding impact of learning more about who you are. So for this global 360 campaign, we focused on the unique opportunity to give a more personal gift.

  • Education | Bonfire Labs

    EXPAND YOUR MIND EDUCATION Accuracy may be table stakes, but engagement should be the prime directive. Whether for accredited classes, casual learning, edumarketing, or explainers, we’re competing with apps, ads, and the everyday distractions of a digital life, so we need to hold our audience's attention while helping them retain the info and build the skills that they need. FEATURED WORK Airbnb Host Education Program Google Chromebook Adobe Festival of the Impossible Apollo Music Industry Today Facebook Group Admin Salesforce.org Education Cloud Google Home Google Pixelbook Apollo Suze Orman Apollo Innovators Accelerator

  • Angi Customer Testimonial | Bonfire Labs

    ANGI CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL HEAR IT FROM HOMEOWNERS When Angie’s List rebranded as Angi, they enlisted us to create a series of spots starring real consumers. Honest-to-goodness testimonials showcased the breadth of Angi’s services and the quality of the results while adding authenticity, personality, and charm.

  • Salesforce Design Leadership Conference | Bonfire Labs

    SALESFORCE DESIGN LEADERSHIP DESIGN THROUGH THE DECADES Held at the de Young museum in San Francisco, the Design Redux conference asked, “Why do we consult history to design the future?” The answers came from leading innovators in car design, aerospace, virtual reality, film, and product design, all of which we brought to life with careful balance of future and retro.

  • Alector | Bonfire Labs

    ALECTOR IPO ROADSHOW FIRST IN CLASS, INNOVATIVE SCIENCE It’s wild that this feels like a political statement, but we trust science, and love working with scientists. Especially when they are working to cure brain disease.

  • RingCentral MVP Demo | Bonfire Labs

    RING CENTRAL MVP MAKING THE RIGHT CALL Lots of people know RingCentral as an enterprise telephony service. So when they wanted to dial up awareness of their significantly expanded productivity platform called MVP (that’s “Mobile, Video, Phone”), they called (and DM'd and videochatted) Bonfire Labs.

  • InMarket Cannes Campaign | Bonfire Labs

    INMARKET CANNES CAMPAIGN YES WE CANNES InMarket allows advertisers to reach consumers in locations and in moments when they’re ready to buy. In a post-cookie world, so much will rely on tailored messages for that exact moment when they’re ready to take action. So what better place to debut this film than the advertising industry’s own Fyre Festival, the Cannes Lions? Watch it while enjoying a glass of Rosé in a linen jumpsuit.

  • 2022 Reel | Bonfire Labs

    BONFIRE LABS REEL WE'RE GROWING. WE'RE ADAPTING. IT'S ALL VERY EXCITING. Another year of change and growth for our team, our clients, and the world. We partnered with incredible brands across the globe on hundreds of projects (but, who’s counting?) Live action, animation, branding, documentaries, social content, crypto and NFTs. We can’t wait to see what’ll be new in 2022.

  • Ancestry St. Patrick's Day | Bonfire Labs

    ANCESTRY ST. PATRICK'S DAY FINDING YOUR REDHEADED ROOTS We’re honored to have worked with Ancestry.com, executing creative together to produce a final spot that hits the mark. Call it the Luck-of-the-Irish, but we know it takes tons of creative talent to make marketing magic on St. Patrick’s Day and every day.

  • Logitech Ultimate Ears | Bonfire Labs

    LOGITECH ULTIMATE EARS TURN IT UP With product code names Brooklyn and Manhattan, we knew we needed to shoot this one on location in NYC. (We also knew we needed some pizza at Joe’s.) Back in SF, we topped it off with unique VFX animation. By melding gritty streetscapes with CG facial movements that mimic the physics of speakers, this video blasted its way past the digital marketing landscape and into retail and outdoor engagements. Ya dig?

  • SFDO Philanthropy Cloud | Bonfire Labs

    SALESFORCE.ORG PHILANTHROPY CLOUD EVERY ACTION COUNTS To help set Salesforce.org apart from the mothership, we keyed into the offbeat positivity of their philanthropic brand. The result is this launch film about a grassroots campaign. We sprinkled in some magical realism because that is how you apply magical realism. Always sprinkle it for best results, especially if you want to highlight the power and impact of an exciting new platform purpose-built for good.

  • FareWell How It Works | Bonfire Labs

    FAREWELL HOW IT WORKS PUT SOMETHING GREAT ON YOUR PLATE San Francisco startup FareWell offers a fresh and compelling solution for the consumer health and wellness market. Their focus is diet and lifestyle changes to prevent and treat diabetes, heart disease and obesity, and their approach is perfect for today. Bonfire Labs captured their story in live-action and animated films, including this explainer video that speaks value to both patients and physicians.

  • Bonfire Labs | Contact

    grazie | dankeschön | je vous remercie | gracias | gratias tibi | ありがとうございました THANK YOU FOR CONTACTING US We'll be in touch soon! SEE ALL WORK

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