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  • Salesforce x Bonfire Labs

    BFFS WITH BENIOFF SALESFORCE After a decade of partnership working closely with the creative, marketing, and product teams, Bonfire Labs continues to be a trusted creative resource for the Salesforce brand, producing hundreds of projects a year. Creating content for Dreamforce, keynotes, testimonials, and product launches, we celebrate how complex technology and a simple, customer-focused experience creates real impact. FEATURED WORK World Interrupted Opener Brunello Cucinelli DREAMFORCE OPENER Adidas Rhode Island Salesforce Design Leadership Revenue Cloud 20th Anniversary Film Coca-Cola Blockchain Demo Salesforce Wall Reel More In Production

  • Levi's 501 CT | Bonfire Labs

    LEVI'S 501 CT REMEMBER PANTS? As big fans of Levi’s flagship jean (who isn’t?) and flagship store (again, who isn’t?), when we were asked to work on this flagship video we were genuinely excited. Or should we say jeanuninely excited? No, we should never say that. Instead, we’ll say that it was an absolute blast working with Levi’s® Style Director on this film about what happens when a classic meets customization.

  • Adobe Smithsonian | Bonfire Labs

    ADOBE SMITHSONIAN GOING DEEP WITH AR When Adobe partnered with the Smithsonian and non-profit, The Hydrous, to create an immersive augmented reality museum exhibit, they asked us to help show what was possible. An underwater shoot, a 3D coral reef, and a Webby Award later, we think the result made quite a splash.

  • HPE Discover Opener | Bonfire Labs

    HPE WE ARE HPE LIVING ON THE EDGE We worked with our partners at HPE to create an impactful brand film to premiere at the 2023 Discover event, demonstrating the ways their technology opens up a world of opportunity for customers — from the Edge to the Cloud.

  • HPE Greenlake Manufacturing Demo | Bonfire Labs

    HPE GREENLAKE MANUFACTURING DEMO CLOUD FORWARD HPE Greenlake helps businesses adapt to the Cloud-first world through unparalleled security, ease of use, and stability. We dove below the surface to create a series of 5 films, each targeted to a specific vertical, with the goal of showing what HPE Greenlake can do for your Enterprise level industry.

  • Adobe Best of Adobe Experience Cloud | Bonfire Labs

    ADOBE BEST OF EXPERIENCE CLOUD MAKE IT SHORT. MAKE IT SIMPLE. Adobe combined its marketing, analytics, and content tools to create Adobe Experience Cloud. The complex story required a simple solution to reach Adobe customers. Bonfire Labs boiled it down to a set of 27 short, animated films. Each piece clearly communicates how Experience Cloud works, and why customers need it.

  • Logitech Crayon

    LOGITECH CRAYON THE BRIGHTEST CRAYON IN THE BOX Who said crayons were just for kids? Give one to a tourist, an architect or a chef and watch it end up being their favorite tool in their toolbox. So when Logitech wanted to show the many applications of their popular stylus, we kept it simple and seamless, showing that even when our tools are the same, the where, why and how you use them are left to the minds of the beholder. We created a library of videos and stills to be used across all media and focused on any type of customer that gets their hands on this new favorite crayon.

  • Dropbox Buisness | Bonfire Labs

    DROPBOX BUSINESS SPACE TO DREAM Companies are supposed to “think big.” It’s easy to say, but the dirty secret is it takes actual space to incubate and implement all those big dreams. Otherwise it’s just a cheesy motivational poster, and those are cute, but you can’t give a kitten to shareholders at the end of the quarter. Bonfire Labs created this piece to show existing and future Dropbox Business customers that capacity leads to the confidence that can make those dreams real.

  • Bitwise Sommelier Brand Film | Bonfire Labs

    BITWISE SOMMELIER MAKING CRYPTO LESS CRYPTIC For Bitwise’s very first brand campaign, our message was simple: investing in crypto is, er, not simple. But with Bitwise’s crypto index fund, picking the right investment doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Drawing comparisons to other complex-but-worthwhile decisions, this is the first of a series of Easter-Egg-loaded spots that show how the best way to get a piece of the action is, actually, to get a lot of little pieces.

  • Bonfire Labs | Contact

    HAVE A QUESTION? CONTACT US Work with us. Work for us. Collaborate. Build. Work hard. Have fun. First Name Last Name Company Email Phone SUBMIT

  • Fitbit Versa | Bonfire Labs

    FITBIT VERSA LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE On the heels of delivering several videos to launch Ionic, we teamed up again to help shape the message and look of Fitbit’s unveiling of Versa at CES. This was followed by several global broadcast commercials, as well as digital marketing videos. From concept design to scripting, live-action shoots to 3D rendering and post-production, it’s been a blast to collaborate with Fitbit’s amazing team.

  • Salesforce Revenue Cloud

    SALESFORCE REVENUE CLOUD MONEYS THE WORST For how much people like money, they sure do think it’s complicated. And with lots of money coming in from multiple places, it’s even more of a headache! So we created an explainer video to teach companies how to manage it, track it, and store it with Salesforce Revenue Cloud. And if you need help spending it, see here.

  • Google Every Day | Bonfire Labs

    GOOGLE EVERY DAY GETTING YOU ANYWHERE, ANYTIME We wrote a whole thing for this case study about the value of true partnership. Although accurate and honest, it sounded sooo cheesy. Sometimes we question our writer’s dedication, among other things, like his dumb hats. But anyway! This project! With a compressed production schedule and the UI still in beta, Bonfire Labs generated new animations (sometimes hourly) so the on-camera talent could naturally interact with the devices. We had a hand in everything on this effort, from production to live action, matte paintings, prototype UI, editorial, color, audio and finishing. Plus with the use of split screens, we were able to deliver 30% more content. ​ But you know what’s even more valuable than 30% more content? The deep and mutually fulfilling emotions resulting from a TRUE PARTNERSHIP.

  • Alector | Bonfire Labs

    ALECTOR IPO ROADSHOW FIRST IN CLASS, INNOVATIVE SCIENCE It’s wild that this feels like a political statement, but we trust science, and love working with scientists. Especially when they are working to cure brain disease.

  • Atlassian Creating What's Next | Bonfire Labs

    ATLASSIAN CREATING WHAT'S NEXT ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE TOGETHER Atlassian makes software that helps unleash the potential in teams. As part of their IPO event, Atlasssian needed a film to showcase the power of collaboration and teamwork. We worked closely with Atlassian’s creative brand leadership to develop the concept, story, production, and final finishing for this film, celebrating their new chapter and emphasizing the power of teamwork.

  • Brand | Bonfire Labs

    STRATEGY MEETS CREATIVITY BRAND Brand expressions are no longer carved in stone and shouted from a mountaintop, they are an ever-evolving conversation with their many audiences. For a brand to evolve iteratively and organically, it needs strong foundations on which it can build a virtuous cycle between audience feedback and impactful, sometimes provocative, content to propel it forward. FEATURED WORK Toast Spark Rapid Brand Prototyping G-P Brand Re-Launch InMarket Cannes Campaign Blade Shadow Twitter 10th Anniversary Okta Customer Identity Salesforce Education Cloud Ancestry Case Study NorCal Case Study THX Brand Exploration Ancestry Make Them Count SFDO Philanthropy Cloud

  • GoPro Hero Black | Bonfire Labs

    GOPRO HERO BLACK ALL THE TOOLS IN ONE PACKAGE Mexico. Cameras. Mounts. Newness. Beauty. Interviews. Concerts. CG. Dogs. Whitewater. Skis. Products. Vistas. Emotions. Insights. Momentum. Goosebumps. Margaritas. Beaches. Dancing. Margaritas. Revelry. Margaritas. Disagreement. Shouting. Running. Running. Escaping. Falling. Ditch. Sleeping. Dreaming. Sunrise. Sweating. Passport. Airport. Flying. Editing. Cameras. Mounts. Epic. Launch. Films.

  • Experiential | Bonfire Labs

    LET THE PEOPLE PLAY EXPERIENTIAL Always with the context first and foremost in mind, we design and create content for immersive and interactive experiences around the globe, as grand as Times Square and as compact as a smartwatch in a Best Buy. FEATURED WORK Salesforce Wall Reel Tipping Point AppDynamics AppSphere Splunk .conf 2020 Opener Google Next Event Teaser Salesforce World Interrupted Forgotten Suffragettes Salesforce Design Leadership Twitter London Design Museum Atlassian Facebook Point Cloud New Relic FutureStack

  • AI Showreel | Bonfire Labs

    AI SHOWREEL EVEN GENIUSES NEED ASSISTANTS Good news: in just a year, AI tools have evolved from uncanny valleys and 6-fingered people to legit usefulness on projects for Salesforce, Okta, Dave Banking, and Adobe, More good news: AI is terrible at world domination, but fantastic at making styleframes.

  • Hims & Hers | Bonfire Labs

    HIMS & HERS SPAC FILM LET’S BE FRANK When the founder of Hims & Hers called us to create a film to generate investor excitement for their acquisition through a SPAC, we immediately rose to the occasion. We built a solid and open rapport with executives and the creative team, and leaned heavily into the well established brand and ethos of the company. The film creatively captures the unique business and opportunity, as well as a number of cacti, and both the process and result were a true reflection of their transparent and forward-thinking culture.

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