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  • Okta Workforce Identity | Bonfire Labs

    OKTA CUSTOMER IDENTITY HEY, WATCH THIS To promote Okta’s Customer Identity Cloud solution, we created a fictional streaming platform, complete with hit shows, an audience in the millions, a frazzled IT team, and a superhero CDO who swoops in to save the day. It was a fantastic way to demonstrate the power of Okta’s identity-based solutions. Plus we got to make posters for a show called Puppy Island.

  • Animation | Bonfire Labs

    ooOooOo PRETTY ANIMATION 2D, 3D, 2.5D, Augmented Reali-D, D-Fence, Vitamin D. We do all the Ds. FEATURED WORK Applovin Explainer BigCommerce fitbit sense 2 HPE Ezmeral adobe max InMarket Cannes Campaign Quip Rechargeable Toothbrush Sony Jane Disco Raise The Bar data nerd 8x8 Overview Video Fitbit Ionic LinkedIn Teen Safety Vertex Brand Anthem Salesforce.org Education Cloud Salesforce Revenue Cloud Farewell How It Works Dropbox Business FACEBOOK MANIFOLD VR CAMERA Salesforce Wall Reel Salesforce World Interrupted more in production

  • Okta Workforce Identity | Bonfire Labs

    OKTA CIC LOOK BEYOND LOGIN LOGIN IS JUST THE BEGINNING To demonstrate how Okta’s Customer Identity Cloud can help businesses better understand their customers, we brought to life a graphics-heavy piece with extensive 3D modeling, environment building, and motion tracking — letting someone actually step into an online surf shop experience. Radical.

  • Google AdSense | Bonfire Labs

    GOOGLE ADSENSE MAKING ADS FOR ADS Having worked with Google to set the creative template for Google product videos, we can now see these standards being applied in our latest product overview for AdSense. This time we built a model birdhouse and baked many, many cakes. They were brought to life through animation that seamlessly matches the various device models that we will be using across all of their videos. ​

  • Tipping Point | Bonfire Labs

    TIPPING POINT AMPLIFIED EVENT MAKING NOISE FOR A GOOD CAUSE For this incredible nonprofit that fights poverty in the Bay Area, we covered event messaging, art installations, noise-responsive interactive elements, event photography and video, and live social media management. We can’t take credit for Janelle Monáe and The Roots, who were there too.

  • 404 | Bonfire Labs

    OOPS! Page Not Found We searched high and low for this URL, but it doesn't exist. Yet. You can go HOME , or feel free to reach out . We'd be happy to help you get your very own page full of content on our site.

  • GoPro Custom Solutions | Bonfire Labs

    GOPRO CUSTOM SOLUTIONS YOUR POINT OF VIEW We made this one look super technical to clearly convey that this was a different type of GoPro offering -- not the one you’d just pick up at the store, but a B2B-type custom solution to fit your specific camera needs (and the more specific, the better).

  • Google Clips | Bonfire Labs

    GOOGLE CLIPS CAPTURE MOMENTS, IN THE MOMENT Google Clips uses Machine Learning to capture moments you might otherwise miss. That means the user gets to focus on what’s important — living a joyfully chaotic life with family, friends, and pets, instead of looking through a lens. A product this unprecedented meant we had to take a step back and find a completely new way to tell the story. We created a series of films that pull double duty, working equally well whether you're thinking of buying Google Clips or trying to get the most out of one you already own.

  • SFDO Education Cloud | Bonfire Labs

    SALESFORCE.ORG EDUCATION CLOUD A PRODUCT FOR THE HONOR ROLL Salesforce.org asked us to create a keynote film for the launch of Education Cloud at Dreamforce. A central focus on Student Success gave us a universally relevant theme through which we could highlight how Education Cloud is a real solution to many of the challenges education institutions, and students themselves, currently face.

  • Ancestry Holiday | Bonfire Labs

    ANCESTRY HOLIDAY THE MOST PERSONAL GIFT YOU CAN GIVE The initial concept here was, “Let’s not forget the time Zach gave his son the same gift eight nights in a row and had to delete the unboxing videos because they were honestly tragic.” That ended up not fitting the spirit of the holidays, or the rewarding impact of learning more about who you are. So for this global 360 campaign, we focused on the unique opportunity to give a more personal gift.

  • Twitter NFL Live | Bonfire Labs

    TWITTER NFL LIVE TOUCHDOWNNNN Can a hashtag get CTE? Twitter was launching live streaming of Thursday Night Football, and having the players interact directly with type was a quick and clear way to show off the impact of watching and tweeting simultaneously on one device.

  • Adobe Sensei | Bonfire Labs

    ADOBE SENSEI A CREATIVE PARTNER With powerful new technologies, there’s a fine line between explanation and over-explanation. So for the new Adobe Sensei technology, we made the bold decision to simply “show the feeling” of bringing AI to every product for an enraptured Adobe MAX crowd.

  • Google x Bonfire Labs

    WE'RE FEELING LUCKY GOOGLE Product launches, user education, social campaigns, moonshot pitches, conference centerpiece videos. Bonfire has done it all for Google in a decade-plus relationship that’s part strategic, part creative, part production, and all partnership. Google always keeps it Googley, in all the ways, so we do too. Look it up on Bing if you don’t believe us. FEATURED WORK Partner Summit Google Career Certificates Google x Football Association Every Day Home Good Morning Next Event Teaser The Pitch Adsense Clips Pixel Pixelbook Google Chromebook Google Carrefour more in production

  • Twitter Manifesto Film | Bonfire Labs

    TWITTER MANIFESTO FILM FOLLOW FOR FOLLOW What do you do when asked to concept, write, and produce a manifesto-driven campaign to help relaunch the Twitter brand? In the case of Bonfire Labs’ janitor Christopher Weldon, you start by going back and deleting your most embarrassing tweets. All 12,452 of them. Just in case. Then you roll up your sleeves, ask yourself some hard questions in the mirror, and get your less-shook coworkers to concept, write, and produce a manifesto-driven campaign to help relaunch the Twitter brand. Then, later, you tweet about how great all the attention and buzz around the film makes you feel.

  • Adobe Premiere Social | Bonfire Labs

    ADOBE PREMIERE SOCIAL QUICK CUTS We’re big fans of Adobe Premiere, so it was a blast to work on a series of quick social videos highlighting lots of the cool new things it helps content creators do. We shot in Oakland, animated in house, and edited in (what else?) Premiere.

  • Toast Spark Social Campaign | Bonfire Labs

    TOAST SPARK SOCIAL CAMPAIGN JUST ENOUGH COOKS IN THE KITCHEN For their annual Spark conference and Social campaign, Toast wanted to highlight all the new features being built into their platform. We traveled around the country profiling restaurateurs, from high-end steakhouses to family-run bakeries, bringing their stories to life and shining a light on how the Toast platform helps them navigate a post-Covid world. Then we came home and immediately went on a diet.

  • Salesforce Revenue Cloud

    SALESFORCE REVENUE CLOUD MONEYS THE WORST For how much people like money, they sure do think it’s complicated. And with lots of money coming in from multiple places, it’s even more of a headache! So we created an explainer video to teach companies how to manage it, track it, and store it with Salesforce Revenue Cloud. And if you need help spending it, see here.

  • Google Every Day | Bonfire Labs

    GOOGLE EVERY DAY GETTING YOU ANYWHERE, ANYTIME We wrote a whole thing for this case study about the value of true partnership. Although accurate and honest, it sounded sooo cheesy. Sometimes we question our writer’s dedication, among other things, like his dumb hats. But anyway! This project! With a compressed production schedule and the UI still in beta, Bonfire Labs generated new animations (sometimes hourly) so the on-camera talent could naturally interact with the devices. We had a hand in everything on this effort, from production to live action, matte paintings, prototype UI, editorial, color, audio and finishing. Plus with the use of split screens, we were able to deliver 30% more content. ​ But you know what’s even more valuable than 30% more content? The deep and mutually fulfilling emotions resulting from a TRUE PARTNERSHIP.

  • Alector | Bonfire Labs

    ALECTOR IPO ROADSHOW FIRST IN CLASS, INNOVATIVE SCIENCE It’s wild that this feels like a political statement, but we trust science, and love working with scientists. Especially when they are working to cure brain disease.

  • Atlassian Creating What's Next | Bonfire Labs

    ATLASSIAN CREATING WHAT'S NEXT ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE TOGETHER Atlassian makes software that helps unleash the potential in teams. As part of their IPO event, Atlasssian needed a film to showcase the power of collaboration and teamwork. We worked closely with Atlassian’s creative brand leadership to develop the concept, story, production, and final finishing for this film, celebrating their new chapter and emphasizing the power of teamwork.

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