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  • Salesforce Brunello Cucinelli | Bonfire Labs

    SALESFORCE BRUNELLO CUCINELLI ANDIAMO Evidenziando l'umanesimo che Cucinelli porta al business e girato in loco in Italia, ci siamo concentrati sulla natura emotiva della loro attività, sulla fiducia che si sforzano di mantenere con i loro dipendenti e clienti e sul ruolo integrale che Salesforce svolge all'interno della loro azienda. Il film è stato presentato in anteprima a Dreamforce durante il keynote di Marc Benioff, per dimostrare gli effetti trasformativi che Salesforce sta avendo sui propri clienti in tutto il mondo. ​ Google Translate

  • Ancestry You're in Control | Bonfire Labs

    ANCESTRY YOU'RE IN CONTROL YOUR DNA BELONGS TO YOU The look and feel we developed for this video about privacy and protection proved so effective that Ancestry.com carried it over into all other materials on the topic.

  • Salesforce Dreamforce Opener 2022 | Bonfire Labs

    SALESFORCE DREAMFORCE OPENER BLAZING EVEN NEWER TRAILS To celebrate Dreamforce’s 20th anniversary, we dialed up the magic while grounding the film in Salesforce’s meaningful place in the real world. We collaborated with our clients to McConaughsize the script and put some heart(s) into the creative concept, while working closely with trusted sound design and music partners to create an uplifting, future-forward narrative to set the stage for the IRL event — and the next 20 years. Welcome back to in-person events, San Francisco!

  • NorCal Cannabis Case Study | Bonfire Labs

    A 360° APPROACH TO GO-TO-MARKET NORCAL CANNABIS COMPANY With the California cannabis industry booming, it’s a rush to market for who can garner the attention of not just customers, retailers and partners, but also investors. And to come out on top, a company needs a clear brand narrative that’s credible, unique and memorable. Over the course of six months, we partnered with NorCal’s internal marketing team to build a brand from the ground up, from branding guidelines to film to social channels and event marketing, we touched every component of elevating NorCal’s reputation across the country. FILM Highlighting heritage is fantastic way to establish credibility in the eyes of the viewer, but how do we do so when the legal cannabis industry arose just a few years ago? We went back to our roots, uncovering a rich, largely undiscussed history growing cannabis in California. With NorCal bringing the best of “OG” weed culture with the best of Silicon Valley tech, we told the story of a new kind of vertically-integrated packaged goods company. In addition to extensive product testing, we did deep interviews with the C-Suite about their backgrounds and the history of cannabis in California. This resulted in a story about the decades of experience that NorCal brings to bear, as well as a never-ending passion for growth. SOCIAL With such a new industry, there’s always going to be variety of curious eyes that want an insider look into your day-to-day. Across social platforms, we accommodated for all the type of content that consumers, dispensaries, partners, investors. and even potential growers would want to see. This resulted in a very strategically planned channel strategy to feature content anywhere from product innovation to cannabis education, all while forming tight-knit communities across platforms. Contact BRAND GUIDELINES Nowadays it’s hard to flip open a magazine or drive down the highway without seeing huge marijuana leaves, loud type, and every weed pun imaginable. We knew people were excited about the industry becoming legal, but also knew that brands that appear a little more grown-up have potential for the long haul. While still maintaining the charm of their past and present, we took NorCal to a more down to earth, authoritative and trustworthy presence in the industry.

  • Salesforce 20th Anniversary Film | Bonfire Labs

    SALESFORCE 20TH ANNIVERSARY FILM ALL GROWN UP Salesforce, a basically anonymous try-hard of a local company, was about to turn 20. We implored them, aim high for a change! When they eventually caved and agreed that their story was worth telling, we crafted this unique story, augmenting it with all kinds of cool footage and throwback designs. Salesforce gained a bit of steam and finally made headlines as a result. This video was so successful that, as you probably know, the tallest building in San Francisco is now the Bonfire Labs Tower.

  • 3D Product Animation | Bonfire Labs

    BONFIRE LABS 3D PRODUCT ANIMATION IS IT REAL OR IS IT PHOTO-REAL? If you’ve ever been on a product shoot, then you know how hard it is to get the the heroic shot, the right lighting, the perfectly aligned label. Plus most of the time products won’t dance the way you want them to, they’re notoriously picky about craft services, and sometimes they even change their look after the shoot. Enter CG. Don’t worry, SAG, we’re not here to replace actors with AI, just products with CG. And they’ve never looked better.

  • Fitbit Ionic | Bonfire Labs

    FITBIT IONIC THE WATCH DESIGNED FOR YOUR LIFE Faced with a growing need to launch products in new categories, Fitbit wanted to create an impact with its newest flagship product: the Fitbit Ionic smartwatch. The market leader needed only look down the street to find our team of creative problem-solvers to help communicate the product’s features and consumer value proposition with a series of short films.

  • Applovin Explainer | Bonfire Labs

    APPLOVIN EXPLAINER APPS ON APPS ON APPS What exactly does AppLovin do (other than love apps)? Like you, we weren't 100% sure, so we created this fun explainer to help, um, explain it. Watch it and then send Zach an email to let him know if it worked.

  • Angi Customer Testimonial | Bonfire Labs

    ANGI CUSTOMER TESTIMONIAL HEAR IT FROM HOMEOWNERS When Angie’s List rebranded as Angi, they enlisted us to create a series of spots starring real consumers. Honest-to-goodness testimonials showcased the breadth of Angi’s services and the quality of the results while adding authenticity, personality, and charm.

  • Bigcommerce IPO Roadshow | Bonfire Labs

    BIGCOMMERCE IPO ROADSHOW OUR FIRST PAN-PANDEMIC PROJECT When our friends at eCommerce provider BigCommerce were going public, they turned to us to make a standout IPO video. We planned, prepped, and filmed around their office in Austin — and then Covid hit. The next few months meant rethinking our post-production and collaboration processes and the ways we tell a cohesive story. A story that had investors putting BigC into their shopping carts, as the stock price almost doubled in the first three weeks after it opened.

  • Google Career Certificates | Bonfire Labs

    LAUNCH CAMPAIGN GOOGLE CAREER CERTIFICATES We partnered closely with the Grow With Google team on this multi-year initiative to help close the American skills gap through inexpensive and effective online education. We developed the full campaign concept and tagline and produced an integrated campaign, including film, digital and loads of social content for launch. With 10M views and counting plus a second year of work highlighting actual graduates, we feel honored and rewarded to contribute breakthrough creative to support a platform that helps people find their way to a new career path. FILM SOCIAL SNAPCHAT, INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK DIGITAL RADIO Google Career Certificates | Emilio 00:00 / 00:30 Google Career Certificates | Steve 00:00 / 00:30 ​ " MOST TWEETED GOOGLE CAMPAIGN IN GOOGLE HISTORY " RESULTS CERT COMPLETERS Happy clients and buzzy press are always appreciated, but the true reward was seeing the human impact on real people’s lives. Thanks to the overwhelming success of both the program and the marketing, we were thrilled to expand the campaign in Year 2 with stories of real completers (graduates) putting their skills to work in their new careers.

  • Splunk x Bonfire Labs

    GOOD FOR EVERYTHING SPLUNK Partnering closely with Splunk’s incredibly handsome and talented Director of Brand and Creative, we developed a visual language that brought Splunk's “Data To Everything” platform to life. Our work has opened conferences, launched brands, and served as foundational building blocks for the future vision of Splunk. Humblebrag - one film played before Obama's guest speech to the company, so yes we can, and yes we did. FEATURED WORK .conf 2020 Opener Superbowl Data to everything What Is Splunk? Splunk for good more in production

  • Okta x Bonfire Labs

    WELL HELLO THERE OKTA Many of our client relationships are the product of former clients moving to new organizations, and Okta is the perfect example. What can we say? When you like who you work with, the work gets better. FEATURED WORK Oktane Opener 2023 Customer Identity CIC Look Beyond Login Workforce Identity

  • Bonfire Labs | Home

    A CREATIVE STUDIO MOVING BRANDS FURTHER FASTER we think like an agency, act like a production company, and behave like adults 2024 SHOWREEL Dreamforce Opener Google Career Certificates Facebook x PAC-MAN Quip Rechargeable Toothbrush Ancestry 1950 Census Logitech Astro A30 Fitbit Sense 2 Toast Spark Angi BBQ G-P Brand Re-Launch Salesforce AI Day Bitwise Sommelier Salesforce.org Education Cloud Adobe Smithsonian Ancestry Yearbooks Salesforce Rhode Island Square Terminal API Rakuten Cash Back for Change Google Cloud The Pitch Airbnb Host Education Sony Jane SEE MORE WORK

  • Twitter #Politics | Bonfire Labs

    TWITTER #POLITICS #VOTE This abashedly partisan bit of fake news was one of a series of videos focused on a key verticals (politics, sports, music, etc) to demonstrate that no matter what your interest, Twitter is where you find what's happening. If you have any doubts, just @ our former President.

  • Ancestry Yearbooks | Bonfire Labs

    ANCESTRY YEARBOOKS IT'S PICTURE DAY! We’re not saying your grandpa lied to you when he said he was voted “Most likely to drive a Ferrari” in high school... but now you can find out for sure. Ancestry’s got the proof, to the tune of over 300,000 yearbooks from all 50 states, going back over a century. Bonfire Labs brought this wildly addictive offering to life across TV, web, and social. Then we were voted most likely to get repeat business, look it up.

  • Adobe Festival of the Impossible | Bonfire Labs

    ADOBE FESTIVAL OF THE IMPOSSIBLE IMPOSSIBLE MADE POSSIBLE Augmented Reality was a tough story to tell even before the whole idea of reality itself changed in 2020. For the (perfectly named) Festival of the Impossible, Bonfire Labs created a look and feel for the now-virtual event, and produced both educational and social content, including six artist profiles from around the world. As the artists created immersive art using Adobe’s Aero platform just after the first lockdown, we were with them every virtual step of the way, helping them tell their stories and capture their own content. This included shipping camera setups directly to the artists, guiding them through equipment setup and locations, and conducting Zoom interviews to provide the narration. We could sum this up by saying something like, “the impossible exists to remind us of our own possibilities.” But honestly we still like meeting people face to masked face!

  • Okta Workforce Identity | Bonfire Labs

    OKTA CUSTOMER IDENTITY HEY, WATCH THIS To promote Okta’s Customer Identity Cloud solution, we created a fictional streaming platform, complete with hit shows, an audience in the millions, a frazzled IT team, and a superhero CDO who swoops in to save the day. It was a fantastic way to demonstrate the power of Okta’s identity-based solutions. Plus we got to make posters for a show called Puppy Island.

  • Animation | Bonfire Labs

    ooOooOo PRETTY ANIMATION 2D, 3D, 2.5D, Augmented Reali-D, D-Fence, Vitamin D. We do all the Ds. FEATURED WORK Applovin Explainer BigCommerce fitbit sense 2 HPE Ezmeral adobe max InMarket Cannes Campaign Quip Rechargeable Toothbrush Sony Jane Disco Raise The Bar data nerd 8x8 Overview Video Fitbit Ionic LinkedIn Teen Safety Vertex Brand Anthem Salesforce.org Education Cloud Salesforce Revenue Cloud Farewell How It Works Dropbox Business FACEBOOK MANIFOLD VR CAMERA Salesforce Wall Reel Salesforce World Interrupted more in production

  • Okta Workforce Identity | Bonfire Labs

    OKTA CIC LOOK BEYOND LOGIN LOGIN IS JUST THE BEGINNING To demonstrate how Okta’s Customer Identity Cloud can help businesses better understand their customers, we brought to life a graphics-heavy piece with extensive 3D modeling, environment building, and motion tracking — letting someone actually step into an online surf shop experience. Radical.

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