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  • Amwell Anthem | Bonfire Labs

    AMWELL ANTHEM HEALTHCARE ANYWHERE Amwell is a telehealth pioneer led by two charismatic sibling co-CEOs. Their ask from the get-go was to break the mold of the traditional 30-minute roadshow film, so rather than focus on the staid format of CEO & CFO singing their own praises, we landed on making a 10-minute customer piece filmed in 6 locations around the world. Focusing on Amwell's strengths through the lens of doctors, hospitals, and patients became the most natural way to highlight Amwell’s widespread success.

  • Rarible | Bonfire Labs

    BRANDING + CAMPAIGN RARIBLE The last thing a fast-growing NFT marketplace needs in the hyperfast-growing world of crypto is another fungible brand. We worked with the Rarible team in focused sprints to garner input and investment from the leadership team to rapidly develop a Brand Prototype as well as the groundwork for a brand and channel strategy. This allowed us to iterate immediately into some content prototypes that showed how the brand walks, talks, and looks to the public. And what better way to test those prototypes than in real NFT drop campaigns, event content, and social/digital advertising. Of course all of this work is available as NFTs. You can bid on them on Rarible. With the California cannabis industry booming, it’s a rush to market for who can garner the attention of not just customers, retailers and partners, but also investors. And to come out on top, a company needs a clear brand narrative that’s credible, unique and memorable. Over the course of six months, we partnered with NorCal’s internal marketing team to build a brand from the ground up, from branding guidelines to film to social channels and event marketing, we touched every component of elevating NorCal’s reputation across the country. FOUNDATIONAL BRAND WORK Working collaboratively with internal stakeholders, we were able to set foundations in strategy, messaging and design, all in a short few weeks. NFT DROP CAMPAIGNS This branding work led to us putting it to the test through multiple NFT drops, working to launch drops from French Montana and "Women Rise," a collection of female artists, debuting at Art Basel in Miami. FRENCH MONTANA DROP WOMEN RISE DROP @ ART BASEL TEMPLATES FOR ONGOING CONTENT In between drops, Rarible has a lot of other information to communication, whether be the platform, unveiling features or industry news. Again using the work from our branding exercises, we created a series of templates across social, email and presentation design for ongoing applications.

  • Logitech Astro A30 | Bonfire Labs

    LOGITECH ASTRO A30 TURN UP THE COLLABORATION Listen to this: for our 35th project with Logitech, we leveled up our gaming game with dozens of deliverables spanning events, web, social, print, and packaging — with CG stills, lifestyle and product photography, and more — for the launch of the new Astro A30 wireless headphones. Casting, shooting, animating, editing, and retouching, all in 10 weeks. (Our ears are still ringing.)

  • Twitter #GameTime | Bonfire Labs

    TWITTER #GAMETIME GOALLLLLLL The 10th anniversary brand relaunch we did for Twitter was so successful they asked us to create a sports-themed offshoot. We’d say we’re grateful, but this was the one year (out of four!) when the Warriors did not win the title. So there is Cleveland Cavaliers footage, unfortunately. Hope you enjoyed that, Cleveland, because your team is already a dumpster fire again. Won’t be appearing on any Twitter sports-themed tv spots for a looooong time. Too bad LeBron left you for LA, total bummer. Hey at least he’s still on tv, right? Anyway, we’re not bitter, and are grateful we got to work on this spot, even if we all know who really should’ve been hoisting that trophy.

  • Ricoh Theta 360 Launch | Bonfire Labs

    RICOH THETA 360 LAUNCH BEAUTY IS ALL AROUND YOU To launch their revolutionary Theta camera, which shoots spherical images, Ricoh needed everything from a tagline to site design and video. We turned to freestyle public art for inspiration, working with acclaimed muralist Sirron Norris to bring the camera's unique abilities to life with the centerpiece tagline, “Beauty is all around.” ​ ​

  • Adobe Festival of the Impossible | Bonfire Labs

    ADOBE FESTIVAL OF THE IMPOSSIBLE IMPOSSIBLE MADE POSSIBLE Augmented Reality was a tough story to tell even before the whole idea of reality itself changed in 2020. For the (perfectly named) Festival of the Impossible, Bonfire Labs created a look and feel for the now-virtual event, and produced both educational and social content, including six artist profiles from around the world. As the artists created immersive art using Adobe’s Aero platform just after the first lockdown, we were with them every virtual step of the way, helping them tell their stories and capture their own content. This included shipping camera setups directly to the artists, guiding them through equipment setup and locations, and conducting Zoom interviews to provide the narration. We could sum this up by saying something like, “the impossible exists to remind us of our own possibilities.” But honestly we still like meeting people face to masked face!

  • Google FA | Bonfire Labs

    GOOGLE FOOTBALL ASSOCIATION SHOOTING. SCORING. (AND EDITING.) In England, football (soccer) is the most important least important thing (a really big deal). For this film, we were chuffed (thrilled) to partner with Google (Google) to show how their suite of cloud applications (AI-driven software) helps teams in the FA (the oldest Football Association in the world) get proper clever (really smart), from training more effectively to keeping players healthier. Cheers mate! (thanks Dude)

  • Varian Medical Systems Halcyon | Bonfire Labs

    VARIAN MEDICAL SYSTEMS HALCYON PRECISION EVERYWHERE When Varian Medical Systems first told us about their newest, most precise radiation surgery system, we knew what to do. Steal the technology and beat them to market with it. Buy an island. Change our names. New fingerprints. The perfect crime! No sweat. But our dashing New Business Director said companies doing heroic work don’t deserve all that. So we did the other thing we know how to do: produced a memorable launch film for Halcyon that’s as inspirational as it is informational.

  • SFDO Education Cloud | Bonfire Labs

    SALESFORCE.ORG EDUCATION CLOUD A PRODUCT FOR THE HONOR ROLL Salesforce.org asked us to create a keynote film for the launch of Education Cloud at Dreamforce. A central focus on Student Success gave us a universally relevant theme through which we could highlight how Education Cloud is a real solution to many of the challenges education institutions, and students themselves, currently face.

  • MAKE IT WORK WITH GOOGLe Made it fast. Made it thrilling. Made it together. Made it to kick-off Next. BRAND MARKETING • CREATIVE DEV • LIVE ACTION • EDITORIAL • ANIMATIOn WE ARE A CREATIVE STUDIO MOVING BRANDS FURTHER FASTER. WE THINK LIKE AN AGENCY, ACT LIKE A PRODUCTION COMPANY, AND BEHAVE LIKE ADULTS GAME LIKE A GOD WITH LOGITECH Wireless headphones and a 360 campaign worthy of your best game. CONTENT STRATEGY • PRODUCT LAUNCH • PHOTO-REAL CG • LIVE ACTION • PHOTOGRAPHY • EDITORIAL ART STARTS WITH AR AND ADOBE Oakland artist Hueman augments our reality through a constantly evolving infinite canvas. DOCUMENTARY • LIVE ACTION • EDITORIAL • AUGMENTED REALITY • INFLUENCER • LAUNCH FILM BONFIRE LABS 2023 REEL We appreciate your time and look forward to connecting and learning more when the time is right. Respectfully, Zach Rubin zach.rubin@bonfirelabs.com

  • NorCal Case Study | Bonfire Labs

    NORCAL CANNABIS COMPANY CASE STUDY THIS IS CANNABIS. No other company in the industry has the authentic heritage, OG status and the scale of NorCal. Seeking to revolutionize the perception of the cannabis industry, we highlighted NorCal’s importance through a focus on the entire business, rather than a single product. We started our story as brand documentarians and began the creative process through extensive interviews with the NorCal founders, uncovering the company's legacy through the personal stories. Starting with a brand film, we set out on a targeted B2B creative and media strategy. This launch included a series of long and short form videos, data-driven insights, infographics, social posts, digital ads, print, OOH, and experiential events. We developed creative that borrowed from the B2B vernacular, and extended the reach into more traditional financial press, broadening the overall awareness of cannabis investment, and in turn, establishing NorCal as the opportunity of the industry.

  • Adobe Smithsonian | Bonfire Labs

    ADOBE SMITHSONIAN GOING DEEP WITH AR When Adobe partnered with the Smithsonian and non-profit, The Hydrous, to create an immersive augmented reality museum exhibit, they asked us to help show what was possible. An underwater shoot, a 3D coral reef, and a Webby Award later, we think the result made quite a splash.

  • Logitech Powered Family

    LOGITECH POWERED FAMILY CORDS? WHAT CORDS? They’re messy and tangled and ugly and cramp our style. With the launch of Logitech’s new wireless charger, we let the environment shine, showing that no matter what your vibe is, charging will fit right in.

  • Disco Roadshow | Bonfire Labs

    DISCO IPO ROADSHOW MAKING THE CASE FOR A GREAT IPO When legal technology company DISCO was about to go public, they approached us to create an IPO film like no other (and we should know, we’ve done a bunch). We’re talking crane shots, lots of CG, and a client who was up for pretty much anything. No objections from us, your honor.

  • Sony Jane | Bonfire Labs

    SONY JANE SEE JANE GO One of the best things about having friends at Sony is you can lead a case study by saying, “Our friends at Sony asked us for an internal brand spot.” We used a combination of traditional watercolor on paper and stop motion to illustrate the power of a unified UX. The result: we still have friends at Sony. One is named Jane.

  • Ancestry Father's Day | Bonfire Labs

    ANCESTRY FATHER'S DAY THE APPLE DOESN’T FALL FAR FROM THE TREE “Show Dad Where He’s From.” We still love that idea, and this spot. The casting here was so good--the connections and emotion so real--we hired them all to re-enact these scenes in our office the last Friday of every month.

  • Livongo IPO Roadshow | Bonfire Labs

    LIVONGO IPO ROADSHOW HEALTHCARE ON THE GO For an IPO film, sometimes it’s as simple as wrangling the complex schedules of the executive team leading a complex offering in a complex vertical for complex conditions.

  • Ancestry DNA Day | Bonfire Labs

    ANCESTRY DNA DAY BACK TO YOUR ROOTS Our roots with Ancestry.com run deep. We’re honored to have collaborated with them on another great production, creating a national broadcast television spot to celebrate DNA Day.

  • Clients | Bonfire Labs

    IT TAKES TWO CLIENTS We have long-running collaborative partnerships with some of the best brands in the world. Many of them, in fact. From cameras to cannabis, tech to travel, and Salesforce to...Salesforce.org. ADDITIONAL CLIENTS

  • Logitech Quake | Bonfire Labs

    LOGITECH QUAKE WE'RE GAME #ProTip Close-ups of products in a black void always look cool af. So when Logitech wanted to launch their new gaming headphones, Pro X Wireless, we highlighted every new feature, curve, seam and sound that’ll be a win for every player.

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