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  • Experiential | Bonfire Labs

    LET THE PEOPLE PLAY EXPERIENTIAL Always with the context first and foremost in mind, we design and create content for immersive and interactive experiences around the globe, as grand as Times Square and as compact as a smartwatch in a Best Buy. FEATURED WORK Salesforce Wall Reel Tipping Point AppDynamics AppSphere Splunk .conf 2020 Opener Google Next Event Teaser Salesforce World Interrupted Forgotten Suffragettes Salesforce Design Leadership Twitter London Design Museum Atlassian Facebook Point Cloud New Relic FutureStack

  • Alkami IPO Roadshow | Bonfire Labs

    ALKAMI IPO ROADSHOW A GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY Alkami helps local banks and credit unions set up the backend systems for online banking, and we were super pumped to help them make an IPO film. Between great-on-camera executives, some awesome creative collaborations, and tons of mutual trust, we were banking on success from day one.

  • Adobe Aero | Bonfire Labs

    ADOBE AERO LAUNCH FILM WHERE AUGMENTED REALITY MEETS ART We consider ourselves interesting, talented people. But we have to admit that Oakland artist Hueman makes us wonder if, perhaps, we could be more interesting or talented. So for the launch film of the new Adobe AR product Aero, we collaborated with her to demonstrate how “a constantly evolving infinite canvas” is suddenly something anyone can have. Bonfire Labs created this film, which premiered at Adobe MAX and was featured on Adobe.com and social channels. ​

  • Salesforce Brunello Cucinelli | Bonfire Labs

    SALESFORCE BRUNELLO CUCINELLI ANDIAMO Evidenziando l'umanesimo che Cucinelli porta al business e girato in loco in Italia, ci siamo concentrati sulla natura emotiva della loro attività, sulla fiducia che si sforzano di mantenere con i loro dipendenti e clienti e sul ruolo integrale che Salesforce svolge all'interno della loro azienda. Il film è stato presentato in anteprima a Dreamforce durante il keynote di Marc Benioff, per dimostrare gli effetti trasformativi che Salesforce sta avendo sui propri clienti in tutto il mondo. ​ Google Translate

  • Splunk - What is Splunk | Bonfire Labs

    SPLUNK WHAT IS SPLUNK? DATA TO EVERYTHING Partnering closely with Splunk’s incredibly handsome and talented Director of Brand and Creative, we created a series of films that bring Splunk’s “Data To Everything” platform to life. This mix of live action, 3D animation, stop-motion, typography, found footage, and an imposing Post-It mural was so effective it lived beyond the project, becoming an ownable visual identity for Splunk’s global business.

  • Animation Reel | Bonfire Labs

    BONFIRE LABS ANIMATION REEL 2D, 3D, 4D, & BEYOND As a full-service creative studio, Bonfire Labs has complete in-house animation capabilities. Hand-drawn 2D to photo-real 3D, initial-concept drawings to pixel-perfect final renders, and every hyphenate in between. Or is it in-between?

  • Twitter #NowPlaying | Bonfire Labs

    TWITTER #NOWPLAYING PRESS PLAY The "kids" used to love "festivals" back when festivals were a thing. This musical entry was one of a series of videos focused on a key verticals (politics, sports, music, etc) to demonstrate that no matter what your interest, Twitter is where you find what's happening.

  • Ancestry Summer Campaign | Bonfire Labs

    ANCESTRY SUMMER CAMPAIGN A TASTE OF YOUR HERITAGE Why is it called Labor Day if all we do is barbecue and drink beer? We jumped at the chance to direct and produce a spot that answers that question. To capture an authentic and timeless craftsman aesthetic, we cast working bakers, builders, teachers, and farriers. The result was so effective Ancestry added a Times Square media buy, and annual updates for evergreen usage. (To mark our success, we celebrated with a bbq and beer.)

  • Google Home Workout | Bonfire Labs

    GOOGLE WORKOUT HEY GOOGLE. HI GOOGLE. HEYYY GOOGLE. When Google said they were hearing voices, we asked who was speaking, and it was literally everyone—mom, dad, brother, sister, friend, Aunt Carol, and even the babysitter down the street. Google Home was launching a feature to recognize multiple voices and thus serve up personalized responses. For this new feature, we wanted to visualize how your voice makes your Google Home experience, personal. The success of this single video led to an influx of work from the fast-moving and fast-growing Google Hardware team, starting with Google Home, and then expanding to Pixel, Chromebook, Pixelbook, Clips and whatever they’re making next (or just and beyond?)

  • Applovin Explainer | Bonfire Labs

    APPLOVIN EXPLAINER APPS ON APPS ON APPS What exactly does AppLovin do (other than love apps)? Like you, we weren't 100% sure, so we created this fun explainer to help, um, explain it. Watch it and then send Zach an email to let him know if it worked.

  • Facebook Group Admin | Bonfire Labs

    FACEBOOK GROUP ADMIN HOW TO BE THE BEST HOST For this online learning portal that taught folks how to safely run, monitor, and grow Facebook Groups. We handled the site design, video, photography, and audio content. Also we did some late-night research into portals. Pretty far out stuff.

  • Behind The Scenes | Bonfire Labs

    SNEAK PEEK BEHIND THE SCENES From home "offices" to socially distant film sets, and all around the world, here's an insider look into life at Bonfire Labs.

  • Adobe Lightroom Social | Bonfire Labs

    ADOBE LIGHTROOM SOCIAL PICTURE PERFECT PRESETS Many of the world’s best photographers take their shots to the next level with Adobe Lightroom. So when Adobe partnered with photo pros to create custom color presets, they turned to us to get the word out on social media. Cutting a series of quick videos, we show how Lightroom helps make the perfect shot even perfect-er in just a few clicks.

  • SFDO Beyond Profit Campaign | Bonfire Labs

    SOCIAL CAMPAIGN SALESFORCE.ORG Technology, when used for good, can change the world. Salesforce.org provides technology solutions to enable the success of non-profits, and thus create outcomes that are “Beyond Profit.” As part of a social campaign to drive enrollment for their London conference, we told the stories of four partners—highlighting their mission, notable outcomes, and how Salesforce helps enable this. ​ Across four partners and all social channels, we strategized, shaped the story, shot, edited, wrote and designed these editorial features. PARTNERS The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Accelerating the fight against human trafficking around the world Minimizing food waste while providing food to those in need Working to protect and assist refugees around the world With the California cannabis industry booming, it’s a rush to market for who can garner the attention of not just customers, retailers and partners, but also investors. And to come out on top, a company needs a clear brand narrative that’s credible, unique and memorable. Over the course of six months, we partnered with NorCal’s internal marketing team to build a brand from the ground up, from branding guidelines to film to social channels and event marketing, we touched every component of elevating NorCal’s reputation across the country. RSPCA UNSEEN Contact UNHCR REFETTORIO PARIS

  • Forgotten Suffragettes | Bonfire Labs

    GUERRILLA ACTIVATION FORGOTTEN SUFFRAGETTES Women’s suffrage has been whitewashed by history, with an almost exclusive focus on Caucasian women. On "Women Equality's Day," our team created a guerrilla-style campaign to teach today's generation about women of all races who were part of the movement, but are often forgotten in history. Our team of mixed-race female creatives wanted to give the forgotten heroes of the women's suffrage movement the spotlight they deserve. We captured the attention of viewers as they went about their daily lives, by airdropping baseball card-like biographies of suffragettes to their mobile phones. Each card contained a description of each woman's contribution to the voting and equality movements and posed the question "Do you know this woman?" This campaign was published by Graphic Design USA, Communication Arts, and The San Francisco Egotist Magazine. PRESS THE FORGOTTEN SUFFRAGETTES ONLINE PRESENCE WEBSITE

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