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  • Salesforce Brunello Cucinelli | Bonfire Labs

    SALESFORCE BRUNELLO CUCINELLI ANDIAMO Evidenziando l'umanesimo che Cucinelli porta al business e girato in loco in Italia, ci siamo concentrati sulla natura emotiva della loro attività, sulla fiducia che si sforzano di mantenere con i loro dipendenti e clienti e sul ruolo integrale che Salesforce svolge all'interno della loro azienda. Il film è stato presentato in anteprima a Dreamforce durante il keynote di Marc Benioff, per dimostrare gli effetti trasformativi che Salesforce sta avendo sui propri clienti in tutto il mondo. ​ Google Translate

  • FareWell How It Works | Bonfire Labs

    FAREWELL HOW IT WORKS PUT SOMETHING GREAT ON YOUR PLATE San Francisco startup FareWell offers a fresh and compelling solution for the consumer health and wellness market. Their focus is diet and lifestyle changes to prevent and treat diabetes, heart disease and obesity, and their approach is perfect for today. Bonfire Labs captured their story in live-action and animated films, including this explainer video that speaks value to both patients and physicians.

  • Ancestry Yearbooks | Bonfire Labs

    ANCESTRY YEARBOOKS IT'S PICTURE DAY! We’re not saying your grandpa lied to you when he said he was voted “Most likely to drive a Ferrari” in high school... but now you can find out for sure. Ancestry’s got the proof, to the tune of over 300,000 yearbooks from all 50 states, going back over a century. Bonfire Labs brought this wildly addictive offering to life across TV, web, and social. Then we were voted most likely to get repeat business, look it up.

  • Google Shopping | Bonfire Labs

    GOOGLE SHOPPING FROM PRODUCT TO CUSTOMER Google required a unified look for product demos from all corners of their organization. ​ We attacked the problem with our usual spirit of experimentation and curiosity, ultimately delivering a practical and stylish solution that utilized model-making and stop motion animation to create an effect that was very “Googley” and garnered unanimous praise.

  • Adobe Festival of the Impossible | Bonfire Labs

    ADOBE FESTIVAL OF THE IMPOSSIBLE IMPOSSIBLE MADE POSSIBLE Augmented Reality was a tough story to tell even before the whole idea of reality itself changed in 2020. For the (perfectly named) Festival of the Impossible, Bonfire Labs created a look and feel for the now-virtual event, and produced both educational and social content, including six artist profiles from around the world. As the artists created immersive art using Adobe’s Aero platform just after the first lockdown, we were with them every virtual step of the way, helping them tell their stories and capture their own content. This included shipping camera setups directly to the artists, guiding them through equipment setup and locations, and conducting Zoom interviews to provide the narration. We could sum this up by saying something like, “the impossible exists to remind us of our own possibilities.” But honestly we still like meeting people face to masked face!

  • Varian Medical Systems Halcyon | Bonfire Labs

    VARIAN MEDICAL SYSTEMS HALCYON PRECISION EVERYWHERE When Varian Medical Systems first told us about their newest, most precise radiation surgery system, we knew what to do. Steal the technology and beat them to market with it. Buy an island. Change our names. New fingerprints. The perfect crime! No sweat. But our dashing New Business Director said companies doing heroic work don’t deserve all that. So we did the other thing we know how to do: produced a memorable launch film for Halcyon that’s as inspirational as it is informational.

  • Occidential Hills | Bonfire Labs

    WEED GREW UP HERE OCCIDENTAL HILLS Where the Bohemian Highway meets miles of thick redwoods, there’s a little town called Occidental. Believed to be the birthplace of marijuana, this is where the gold rush met the green rush, and the pioneers of the cannabis industry set down their roots to grow, and harvest bud after bud with pride. The town’s namesake, and premium cannabis brand, , sought to tell their story of rich, hidden history. So we went way back—nearly 200 years back—to uncover the history of this little town and how of all places., . Occidental Hills weed grew up here ​ So we turned Instagram into a newspaper, releasing a semi-weekly paper, “The Occidental Gazette,” to dish out the hot tea of 1800s Occidental scoundrels, hooligans and of course, the sweet, sweet smell of that Northern California green. Working with a historian, aka Occidental’s token fan boy, we got the jist of this little town’s past—the feuds, romances, business affairs, and affairs—all the culture that grew that sweet bud. From there, we hit the town, and made friends with Joanne at the local library on Main Street, as we scoured databases of 1800s photographs, journals and town papers. All these assets— —juicy like a small town reality show—and we’ve got townie fans to prove it. they’re real INSTAGRAM STORY

  • Alector | Bonfire Labs

    ALECTOR IPO ROADSHOW FIRST IN CLASS, INNOVATIVE SCIENCE It’s wild that this feels like a political statement, but we trust science, and love working with scientists. Especially when they are working to cure brain disease.

  • Google Pixelbook | Bonfire Labs

    GOOGLE PIXELBOOK SHOW DON'T TELL Pixelbook is the high-end laptop that fans of the Chromebook anxiously awaited. Google wanted to use educational content to help bolster the product launch. Taking a cue from our work for Google Home, we developed content with influencers, like American singer/songwriter/actor/director/choreographer/YouTuber, Todrick Hill. Our strategy was to have this content do double lifting - providing value for shoppers and owners alike.

  • Reel Summit Video Opener | Bonfire Labs

    REEL SUMMIT VIDEO OPENER I WANT A CAT VIDEO RIGHT NOW This video was part of an opening keynote at a globally recognized Video Marketing & Commerce Summit. Presciently telling the story of how important and impactful video would become in culture, it makes the case for a burgeoning format to be unequivocally embraced.

  • Ancestry Holiday | Bonfire Labs

    ANCESTRY HOLIDAY THE MOST PERSONAL GIFT YOU CAN GIVE The initial concept here was, “Let’s not forget the time Zach gave his son the same gift eight nights in a row and had to delete the unboxing videos because they were honestly tragic.” That ended up not fitting the spirit of the holidays, or the rewarding impact of learning more about who you are. So for this global 360 campaign, we focused on the unique opportunity to give a more personal gift.

  • Airbnb Host Education | Bonfire Labs

    AIRBNB HOST EDUCATION COME ON IN Here’s what we can do in 100 days: 44 live action videos, 13 animated videos, 75 fine-tuned web-ready html pages. Not saying we always want to, just that we can. Especially if it’s for something as worthy as helping Airbnb educate new hosts and set them up for success during a period of massive growth. Why is this so crucial? Better education means better hosts, and better hosts means better stays, which means more bookings, which makes everyone happier — hosts, guests, Airbnb, and Bonfire Labs.

  • GoPro Weekend Challenge | Bonfire Labs

    GOPRO WEEKEND CHALLENGE BEST WEEKEND EVER Web series pilot featuring our friend (and Salesforce client) Steve Tornello and his family in a wet and wild adventure. His son got so famous from this one that he ended up on American Idol.

  • Glu Covet Fashion | Bonfire Labs

    GLU MOBILE COVET FASHION LAUNCHING THE PROP SHOP To introduce a new feature in Covet Fashion, we gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at the team creating and running the game.

  • SFDO Philanthropy Cloud | Bonfire Labs

    SALESFORCE.ORG PHILANTHROPY CLOUD EVERY ACTION COUNTS To help set Salesforce.org apart from the mothership, we keyed into the offbeat positivity of their philanthropic brand. The result is this launch film about a grassroots campaign. We sprinkled in some magical realism because that is how you apply magical realism. Always sprinkle it for best results, especially if you want to highlight the power and impact of an exciting new platform purpose-built for good.

  • Ancestry Summer Campaign | Bonfire Labs

    ANCESTRY SUMMER CAMPAIGN A TASTE OF YOUR HERITAGE Why is it called Labor Day if all we do is barbecue and drink beer? We jumped at the chance to direct and produce a spot that answers that question. To capture an authentic and timeless craftsman aesthetic, we cast working bakers, builders, teachers, and farriers. The result was so effective Ancestry added a Times Square media buy, and annual updates for evergreen usage. (To mark our success, we celebrated with a bbq and beer.)

  • Fitbit Ace | Bonfire Labs

    FITBIT ACE WEARING KIDS OUT The Bonfire Labs staff has spent years doing extraordinarily dedicated research into making babies, so that we might be a huge value-add when it comes to family-focused content. For Fitbit Ace, it all paid off with an empathetic, relatable launch film that shows there are always wonderful new ways to be together. Now... do you happen to know a good babysitter?

  • Apollo Suze Orman | Bonfire Labs

    APOLLO SUZE ORMAN MONEY MATTERS “Are you ready? Are you ready for the most transformative online class you’ve ever taken?”

  • Google AdSense | Bonfire Labs

    GOOGLE ADSENSE MAKING ADS FOR ADS Having worked with Google to set the creative template for Google product videos, we can now see these standards being applied in our latest product overview for AdSense. This time we built a model birdhouse and baked many, many cakes. They were brought to life through animation that seamlessly matches the various device models that we will be using across all of their videos. ​

  • SFDO Education Cloud | Bonfire Labs

    SALESFORCE.ORG EDUCATION CLOUD A PRODUCT FOR THE HONOR ROLL Salesforce.org asked us to create a keynote film for the launch of Education Cloud at Dreamforce. A central focus on Student Success gave us a universally relevant theme through which we could highlight how Education Cloud is a real solution to many of the challenges education institutions, and students themselves, currently face.

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