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  • Twitter #GameTime | Bonfire Labs

    TWITTER #GAMETIME GOALLLLLLL The 10th anniversary brand relaunch we did for Twitter was so successful they asked us to create a sports-themed offshoot. We’d say we’re grateful, but this was the one year (out of four!) when the Warriors did not win the title. So there is Cleveland Cavaliers footage, unfortunately. Hope you enjoyed that, Cleveland, because your team is already a dumpster fire again. Won’t be appearing on any Twitter sports-themed tv spots for a looooong time. Too bad LeBron left you for LA, total bummer. Hey at least he’s still on tv, right? Anyway, we’re not bitter, and are grateful we got to work on this spot, even if we all know who really should’ve been hoisting that trophy.

  • NorCal Case Study | Bonfire Labs

    NORCAL CANNABIS COMPANY CASE STUDY THIS IS CANNABIS. No other company in the industry has the authentic heritage, OG status and the scale of NorCal. Seeking to revolutionize the perception of the cannabis industry, we highlighted NorCal’s importance through a focus on the entire business, rather than a single product. We started our story as brand documentarians and began the creative process through extensive interviews with the NorCal founders, uncovering the company's legacy through the personal stories. Starting with a brand film, we set out on a targeted B2B creative and media strategy. This launch included a series of long and short form videos, data-driven insights, infographics, social posts, digital ads, print, OOH, and experiential events. We developed creative that borrowed from the B2B vernacular, and extended the reach into more traditional financial press, broadening the overall awareness of cannabis investment, and in turn, establishing NorCal as the opportunity of the industry.

  • Fitbit Ace | Bonfire Labs

    FITBIT ACE WEARING KIDS OUT The Bonfire Labs staff has spent years doing extraordinarily dedicated research into making babies, so that we might be a huge value-add when it comes to family-focused content. For Fitbit Ace, it all paid off with an empathetic, relatable launch film that shows there are always wonderful new ways to be together. Now... do you happen to know a good babysitter?

  • Apollo Suze Orman | Bonfire Labs

    APOLLO SUZE ORMAN MONEY MATTERS “Are you ready? Are you ready for the most transformative online class you’ve ever taken?”

  • Google AdSense | Bonfire Labs

    GOOGLE ADSENSE MAKING ADS FOR ADS Having worked with Google to set the creative template for Google product videos, we can now see these standards being applied in our latest product overview for AdSense. This time we built a model birdhouse and baked many, many cakes. They were brought to life through animation that seamlessly matches the various device models that we will be using across all of their videos. ​

  • Twitter #Politics | Bonfire Labs

    TWITTER #POLITICS #VOTE This abashedly partisan bit of fake news was one of a series of videos focused on a key verticals (politics, sports, music, etc) to demonstrate that no matter what your interest, Twitter is where you find what's happening. If you have any doubts, just @ our former President.

  • Google Home Good Morning | Bonfire Labs

    GOOGLE HOME GOOD MORNING START YOUR DAY OFF CONNECTED Google Home has an amazing ability to distinguish different people’s voices. Working with the Google team, we found the right voices to elevate that story, making Father’s Day doubly special for the “duo dads” of the world who saw this spot air during ‘Modern Family.’ We concepted and produced this spot in three weeks, and Google told us they’d never seen an agency work so fast.

  • Logitech Circle | Bonfire Labs

    LOGITECH CIRCLE SAFE AND SOUND Logitech was launching its new Circle security camera and wanted to reach a high-end audience with a story less technical and more approachable. Bonfire Labs crafted a winning concept, then cast and shot video for multiple deliverables at the same time. Despite challenging conditions on-set, the team delivered stellar footage, then edited and created all deliverables in post production—including stunning 3D product renderings.

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