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  • Adobe Social Media Summit | Bonfire Labs

    ADOBE SOCIAL MEDIA SUMMIT SOCIAL FIRST As the kick-off to Adobe’s Social Media Summit, we shared stories of social’s power to give voice, perpetuate a movement and connect people around the world. This film introduced Adobe’s CMO and prompted conversation around Adobe’s role in the social sphere.

  • Ancestry Untold Stories | Bonfire Labs

    ANCESTRY UNTOLD STORIES WHEN THE WORLD NEEDED THEM MOST Memorial Day is one of a those moments every year where we are inspired to look back and discover our connection to the past. We wanted to honor this holiday by making the past feel real and encouraging people to learn the untold stories of their ancestors who fought in WWII. We combined 2D/3D approaches to add depth and movement to archival footage and a chorus of voices to represent the diversity of the audience and its ancestors.

  • Salesforce World Interrupted Opener | Bonfire Labs

    SALESFORCE WORLD INTERRUPTED OPENER LOOK CLOSELY The theme for Salesforce’s second annual Design Leadership Conference at the de Young Museum was “the remarkable effects of disruptive design” – so we created award-winning visuals and an original soundscape that would live up to the challenge.

  • Facebook Group Admin | Bonfire Labs

    FACEBOOK GROUP ADMIN HOW TO BE THE BEST HOST For this online learning portal that taught folks how to safely run, monitor, and grow Facebook Groups. We handled the site design, video, photography, and audio content. Also we did some late-night research into portals. Pretty far out stuff.

  • Salesforce Blockchain Demo | Bonfire Labs

    SALESFORCE BLOCKCHAIN DEMO CONNECTING THE BLOCKS The working title for this piece was, “An interactive journey through the Salesforce ecosystem, using blockchain, animated by Bonfire Labs, for the Salesforce developer conference, based on the capacity of touch.” When that proved unwieldy, we brilliantly pivoted to the much easier acronym “AIJTSEUBABLFTSDCBOTCOT.” Catchy, right?

  • Ancestry St. Patrick's Day | Bonfire Labs

    ANCESTRY ST. PATRICK'S DAY FINDING YOUR REDHEADED ROOTS We’re honored to have worked with Ancestry.com, executing creative together to produce a final spot that hits the mark. Call it the Luck-of-the-Irish, but we know it takes tons of creative talent to make marketing magic on St. Patrick’s Day and every day.

  • Sony Jane | Bonfire Labs

    SONY JANE SEE JANE GO One of the best things about having friends at Sony is you can lead a case study by saying, “Our friends at Sony asked us for an internal brand spot.” We used a combination of traditional watercolor on paper and stop motion to illustrate the power of a unified UX. The result: we still have friends at Sony. One is named Jane.

  • Behind The Scenes | Bonfire Labs

    SNEAK PEEK BEHIND THE SCENES From home "offices" to socially distant film sets, and all around the world, here's an insider look into life at Bonfire Labs.

  • SFDO ALS Association | Bonfire Labs

    SALESFORCE.ORG ALS ASSOCIATION HONORING PETE FRATES We say “Ice bucket.” You say…? ​ We know you said “challenge.” The ice bucket challenge did more than go viral, it was a game-changing moment for the ALS Association. It completely crossed over into culture at large. So how did that happen? For this Salesforce.org customer story, we found out. The answer started with a brave family, a singular organization, and a life-changing experience for everyone involved.

  • Adobe Best of Adobe Experience Cloud | Bonfire Labs

    ADOBE BEST OF EXPERIENCE CLOUD MAKE IT SHORT. MAKE IT SIMPLE. Adobe combined its marketing, analytics, and content tools to create Adobe Experience Cloud. The complex story required a simple solution to reach Adobe customers. Bonfire Labs boiled it down to a set of 27 short, animated films. Each piece clearly communicates how Experience Cloud works, and why customers need it.

  • Fitbit Sense | Bonfire Labs

    FITBIT SENSE MIND MEETS BODY The newest Fitbit smartwatch is their first that expands the focus from a person’s physical habits to their overall mental and emotional health. We remotely managed thousands of frames of photoreal CG product renders, and created exploded-view CG shots stunning enough to stand alone on social and online. Produced during quarantine, we quickly realized that overall health was relevant in completely new ways, to all kinds of potential customers, and to us. So we worked with our clients to evolve the messaging for maximum impact. And then took a long walk to get some fresh air.

  • Facebook Point Cloud | Bonfire Labs

    FACEBOOK POINT CLOUD YOU HAVE MEMORIES TO LOOK BACK ON TODAY Facebook came to Bonfire Labs to help visually represent a concept for a new bleeding edge technology that incorporates a user’s photos into real world 3D environments. The animation was done using a combination of Unity, Cinema 4D, and Adobe After Effects, and helped to tell the story of this new tech in a visually arresting Point Cloud style, debuting at Facebook's annual conference, F8.

  • Facebook Timeline Launch | Bonfire Labs

    FACEBOOK TIMELINE LAUNCH #TBT When Facebook launched it’s new profile feature “Timeline,” there was some initial push-back from users who felt that adopting Timeline might somehow invade their privacy and complicate their user experience. Instead, the video created by Bonfire Labs showed how the new product could enhance and enrich their experience, highlighting a life in motion. Facebook employee, Andy Sparks, provided his photos and video, and the Bonfire team worked to weave the materials together with an animated UI to tell a very uplifting story.

  • Ancestry Father's Day | Bonfire Labs

    ANCESTRY FATHER'S DAY THE APPLE DOESN’T FALL FAR FROM THE TREE “Show Dad Where He’s From.” We still love that idea, and this spot. The casting here was so good--the connections and emotion so real--we hired them all to re-enact these scenes in our office the last Friday of every month.

  • Google Next Event Teaser | Bonfire Labs

    GOOGLE NEXT EVENT TEASER MADE HERE TOGETHER What, you don’t think we could introduce the thousands upon thousands of Google Next attendees to the Google Cloud glyph iconography in a meaningful way? That is such a bizarre and specific doubt for you to harbor about us. But watch this! We’ll show you!!

  • GoPro Installation | Bonfire Labs

    GOPRO INSTALLATION INSIDE OUT Bonfire Labs worked with GoPro on launch videos for both the HERO5 and Karma drone, as well as Point-of-Sale videos for use in retail environments. When it came time to show the hardware products themselves, traditional photography wasn’t enough. We wanted to go inside and show the products’ entire anatomies, so our artists created stunning 3D product renderings, shown in this highlights film.

  • Twitter 10th Anniversary | Bonfire Labs

    TWITTER 10TH ANNIVERSARY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Happy to welcome Twitter to our family of clients with this piece for their 10th Anniversary.

  • Atlassian Creating What's Next | Bonfire Labs

    ATLASSIAN CREATING WHAT'S NEXT ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE TOGETHER Atlassian makes software that helps unleash the potential in teams. As part of their IPO event, Atlasssian needed a film to showcase the power of collaboration and teamwork. We worked closely with Atlassian’s creative brand leadership to develop the concept, story, production, and final finishing for this film, celebrating their new chapter and emphasizing the power of teamwork.

  • Fitbit Versa Lite Edition | Bonfire Labs

    FITBIT VERSA LITE EDITION FITBIT FOR ALL Fitbit’s Versa Lite smartwatch gave us a chance to execute a new style for the more approachable and affordable edition of their flagship smartwatch. We embraced bold colors and vivid live-action footage with fast-paced motion graphics and 3D animation, complementing the tone and attitude of the Versa Lite’s campaign.

  • Twitter London Design Museum | Bonfire Labs

    TWITTER LONDON DESIGN MUSEUM WHAT DOES 140 CHARACTERS LOOK LIKE? The Design Museum in London asked Twitter for a retrospective look at the company’s brief but illustrious history. We delivered a veritable museum piece, allowing visitors to travel quickly and silently through Twitter’s design heritage from the Fail Whale to the vivid design fidelity you see today.