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  • Ancestry Olympics | Bonfire Labs

    ANCESTRY OLYMPICS DO YOU HAVE GOLD IN YOUR DNA? Did you ever think "Salchow" was actually spelled "sow cow" and wonder what farm animals had to do with ice skating? Fortunately, we've never had to explain that, but we did get to use a moment of Olympic fever to explain how Ancestry DNA can help you discover where your heritage of greatness comes from, whether it was a farm or a frozen pond.

  • LinkedIn Teen Safety | Bonfire Labs

    LINKEDIN TEEN SAFETY SAFETY FIRST “Ugh, Mom! Why do you follow me on Instagram? I live here!” For all the social sharing that happens, teens are still teens and they deserve some privacy. In fact, they cherish it. So what better device to help teach them about safety online than the diary entry? This launched LinkedIn’s empowering initiative that shows teens how to safely move toward the future they want.

  • New Relic FutureStack | Bonfire Labs

    NEW RELIC FUTURESTACK WHAT WILL YOU MAKE TRUE? New Relic’s annual user conference brings together developers, tinkerers, futurists, and creatives to hack, debate, and build the software of tomorrow. The Day One opener had to capture attention, so we crafted a bizarre, sublime rallying cry for data nerds everywhere.

  • GoPro Ecosystem | Bonfire Labs

    GOPRO ECOSYSTEM GETTING THE FULL EXPERIENCE GoPro does more than hardware. They have software, editing, apps -- a whole extended universe, if you will. So to hammer that point home, we took a page from the Marvel Cinematic Universe and shot 20 feature-length films featuring Robert Downey Jr., ScarJo, and ...sorry, I'm being told that's wrong... in fact we produced this ONE film featuring the whole GoPro ecosystem starring athletes that are a little more down to earth. Not all heroes wear capes. But most wear a GoPro.

  • HPE Ezmeral | Bonfire Labs

    HPE EZMERAL CHECK OUT THAT ROCK HPE was launching a new software portfolio that would help their enterprise customers transform their digital platforms from the edge to the cloud. What does that mean? We weren’t sure either, but we did know that Ezmeral is Emerald in Spanglish. So using photoreal CG we brought viewers deep inside the beauty of an emerald, showing them how Ezmeral transforms your business from an uncut gem to a beautiful polished stone. Bling Bling.

  • Ancestry DNA Day | Bonfire Labs

    ANCESTRY DNA DAY BACK TO YOUR ROOTS Our roots with Ancestry.com run deep. We’re honored to have collaborated with them on another great production, creating a national broadcast television spot to celebrate DNA Day.

  • Apollo Innovators Accelerator | Bonfire Labs

    APOLLO INNOVATORS ACCELERATOR LEARN FROM THE BEST This video was a hybrid: part demo, part showcase. What’s your favorite hybrid? We're rather partial to ligers. Half a lion, half a tiger. Hell of an animal. Runner up, the Prius.

  • Dropbox Buisness | Bonfire Labs

    DROPBOX BUSINESS SPACE TO DREAM Companies are supposed to “think big.” It’s easy to say, but the dirty secret is it takes actual space to incubate and implement all those big dreams. Otherwise it’s just a cheesy motivational poster, and those are cute, but you can’t give a kitten to shareholders at the end of the quarter. Bonfire Labs created this piece to show existing and future Dropbox Business customers that capacity leads to the confidence that can make those dreams real.

  • Salesforce Wall Reel | Bonfire Labs

    SALESFORCE WALL REEL MAKING OUR MARK ON THE BIG SCREEN Part of an ongoing installation in Salesforce buildings around the country, showcasing the work we do for their architecture group.

  • GoPro Karma | Bonfire Labs

    GOPRO KARMA A BIRD’S EYE VIEW Mexico. Cameras. Mounts. Newness. Beauty. Interviews. Concerts. CG. Dogs. Whitewater. Skis. Products. Vistas. Emotions. Insights. Momentum. Goosebumps. Margaritas. Beaches. Dancing. Margaritas. Revelry. Margaritas. Disagreement. Shouting. Running. Running. Escaping. Falling. Ditch. Sleeping. Dreaming. Sunrise. Sweating. Passport. Airport. Flying. Editing. Cameras. Mounts. Epic. Launch. Films.

  • Logitech Ultimate Ears | Bonfire Labs

    LOGITECH ULTIMATE EARS TURN IT UP With product code names Brooklyn and Manhattan, we knew we needed to shoot this one on location in NYC. (We also knew we needed some pizza at Joe’s.) Back in SF, we topped it off with unique VFX animation. By melding gritty streetscapes with CG facial movements that mimic the physics of speakers, this video blasted its way past the digital marketing landscape and into retail and outdoor engagements. Ya dig?

  • Salesforce Design Leadership Conference | Bonfire Labs

    SALESFORCE DESIGN LEADERSHIP DESIGN THROUGH THE DECADES Held at the de Young museum in San Francisco, the Design Redux conference asked, “Why do we consult history to design the future?” The answers came from leading innovators in car design, aerospace, virtual reality, film, and product design, all of which we brought to life with careful balance of future and retro.

  • Salesforce Adidas | Bonfire Labs

    SALESFORCE ADIDAS LET'S KICK IT How do you pronounce Adidas anyway? Is it a-DEED-is? Ah-dee-DAHS? We didn’t embarrass ourselves by asking, busy as we were collaborating with the Salesforce team on this partnership story. Bonfire Labs handed all editorial, 2D graphics, and character animation. The final product was introduced at Dreamforce during a keynote by Salesforce employee of the month Marc Benioff.

  • Adobe Illustrator for iPad | Bonfire Labs

    ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR FOR IPAD CREATING VECTORS ON THE GO One of our core values is humility. So when we invented the iPad, we just gave the whole thing to Steve. We didn’t need all the attention that comes with something like that. We didn’t even tell Adobe the whole iPad thing was our idea when they asked us to make this launch film for Adobe Illustrator for iPad. It was a natural opportunity to bring it up! But we did not. This is all true. Another of our core values is honesty.

  • Fitbit Versa | Bonfire Labs

    FITBIT VERSA LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE On the heels of delivering several videos to launch Ionic, we teamed up again to help shape the message and look of Fitbit’s unveiling of Versa at CES. This was followed by several global broadcast commercials, as well as digital marketing videos. From concept design to scripting, live-action shoots to 3D rendering and post-production, it’s been a blast to collaborate with Fitbit’s amazing team.

  • Salesforce Rhode Island | Bonfire Labs

    SALESFORCE RHODE ISLAND COOPERATION IN COVID Shot (socially distant) and edited (remotely) for the keynote of this year's (virtual) Dreamforce, this film tells the story of how The State of Rhode Island and Salesforce came together, in the midst of a global pandemic, to protect the health and well-being of communities now, and into the future. Equal parts visionary leadership, cutting-edge technology, and hard work, this unique narrative serves as an example for other states to follow during unprecedented times.

  • Dropbox User Testimonials | Bonfire Labs

    DROPBOX USER TESTIMONIALS DROPBOX FOR FOOTBALL?! West and Dropbox approached Bonfire Labs to create videos that would showcase the unusual ways that Dropbox could be used. From a pool of more than 4,500 possible user candidates, the team from Bonfire Labs worked with director Amanda Micheli to pick three compelling stories. In the breakneck timeframe of 3 1/2 weeks, Bonfire cast, shot, edited, and finished all three videos – with principal talent in Ohio, Portland, and Montreal. Two crews, lots of Skypes, and a considerable amount of Red Bull™ resulted in three great stories: Clark, Eva, and Gilles.

  • Salesforce World Interrupted Opener | Bonfire Labs

    SALESFORCE WORLD INTERRUPTED OPENER LOOK CLOSELY The theme for Salesforce’s second annual Design Leadership Conference at the de Young Museum was “the remarkable effects of disruptive design” – so we created award-winning visuals and an original soundscape that would live up to the challenge.

  • Ancestry Untold Stories | Bonfire Labs

    ANCESTRY UNTOLD STORIES WHEN THE WORLD NEEDED THEM MOST Memorial Day is one of a those moments every year where we are inspired to look back and discover our connection to the past. We wanted to honor this holiday by making the past feel real and encouraging people to learn the untold stories of their ancestors who fought in WWII. We combined 2D/3D approaches to add depth and movement to archival footage and a chorus of voices to represent the diversity of the audience and its ancestors.

  • Twitter #NowPlaying | Bonfire Labs

    TWITTER #NOWPLAYING PRESS PLAY The "kids" used to love "festivals" back when festivals were a thing. This musical entry was one of a series of videos focused on a key verticals (politics, sports, music, etc) to demonstrate that no matter what your interest, Twitter is where you find what's happening.

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