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  • Bonfire Labs | Contact

    HAVE A QUESTION? CONTACT US Work with us. Work for us. Collaborate. Build. Work hard. Have fun. Name Email Phone Submit Thanks for submitting! We will be in touch soon.

  • GoPro x Bonfire Labs

    REMEMBER OUTSIDE? GOPRO First partnering with GoPro in 2016, our early successes led to an increased role developing all launch content for four new products, including the omnipresent Point of Sale video in 40,000 stores worldwide. We’ve traveled great lengths and shredded the gnar to highlight the killer stories behind these products and the people who use them, from the forests of the Pacific Northwest to Summer snow in South America. FEATURED WORK Hero5 Session Ecosystem Hero5 Black Karma Installation Care Weekend Challenge Custom Solutions

  • Clients | Bonfire Labs

    IT TAKES TWO CLIENTS We have long-running collaborative partnerships with some of the best brands in the world. Many of them, in fact. From cameras to cannabis, tech to travel, and Salesforce to...Salesforce.org. ADDITIONAL CLIENTS

  • Google x Bonfire Labs

    WE'RE FEELING LUCKY GOOGLE Product launches, user education, social campaigns, moonshot pitches, conference centerpiece videos. Bonfire has done it all for Google in a decade-plus relationship that’s part strategic, part creative, part production, and all partnership. Google always keeps it Googley, in all the ways, so we do too. Look it up on Bing if you don’t believe us. FEATURED WORK Shopping The Pitch Partner Summit Home Good Morning Next Event Teaser Every Day Adsense Clips Pixel 2 Pixelbook Google Chromebook More In Production

  • Services | Bonfire Labs

    SO MANY HATS SERVICES Creative. Production. Strategy. Social. Animation. Experiential. VFX. Education. Rapid branding. Documentary. Product launches. Prototyping. Investor pitches. Too many to fit our character cou Animation Brand Documentary Experiential Education Investor Product Marketing Social

  • Bonfire Labs | Contact

    grazie | dankeschön | je vous remercie | gracias | gratias tibi | ありがとうございました THANK YOU Thank you for submitting your inquiry. Someone from our staff will be in touch with you within one business day. ​ Please feel free to view more of our work.

  • Bonfire Labs | Contact

    HAVE A QUESTION? CONTACT US Work with us. Work for us. Collaborate. Build. Work hard. Have fun. First Name Last Name Company Email Phone Submit

  • Logitech x Bonfire Labs

    SOUND ON LOGITECH Over the course of our partnership, Logitech streamlined offerings and built an internal agency. Our built-in flexibility allowed the relationship to adapt and grow too, as we worked together in launching over ten products. Sometimes as creators, sometimes as a compliment, always as collaborators. FEATURED WORK Tap Circle Ultimate Ears Base

  • Salesforce x Bonfire Labs

    BFFS WITH BENIOFF SALESFORCE After a decade of partnership working closely with the creative, marketing, and product teams, Bonfire Labs continues to be a trusted creative resource for the Salesforce brand, producing hundreds of projects a year. Creating content for Dreamforce, keynotes, testimonials, and product launches, we celebrate how complex technology and a simple, customer-focused experience creates real impact. FEATURED WORK World Interrupted Opener Brunello Cucinelli Adidas Coca-Cola Design Leadership Conference 20th Anniversary Film Rhode Island Blockchain Demo Salesforce Wall Reel More in Production

  • About | Bonfire Labs

    WHY HELLO THERE ABOUT Bonfire Labs is a creative studio born and bred in San Francisco. We have long-running collaborative partnerships with many of the best brands in the world. In the parlance of our times, we’re scalable as hell. Our flexible model lets us fit process, talent, and timeline to any given project--not the other way around. Our clients like that. We like that. We think you’ll like it too. Let’s make a thing.* ​ *Strategy, brand platforms, integrated campaigns, broadcast spots, web content, social, launch films, product and educational films, popcorn...we make it all. OUR TEAM @BONFIRELABS INTERESTED IN WORKING WITH US? Find open positions . here

  • Salesforce.org x Bonfire Labs

    TECHNOLOGY FOR GOOD SALESFORCE.ORG Scroll through the Salesforce.org partner list and you’ll see real, actual, beautiful, inspirational, measurable, positive impact in action. Every project we do together is rewarding; for the good we get to share, and the trust we’ve earned in sharing it. FEATURED WORK Philanthropy Cloud University of San Diego ALS Association Education Cloud Unseen More In Production

  • Twitter x Bonfire Labs

    WHAT'S HAPPENING? TWITTER The emotional, culturally-driven videos "actually explain what Twitter is for,” according to ReCode. Who are we to argue? Working with Twitter’s Brand Studio, we’ve strategized, ideated, and executed celebrations of their brand—from their 10-year anniversary film, to their first brand manifesto, to timely digital shorts around trending topics. FEATURED WORK #GameTime Manifesto 10th Anniversary NFL Live London Design Museum #Politics #NowPlaying More In Production

  • NorCal Cannabis Case Study | Bonfire Labs

    A 360° APPROACH TO GO-TO-MARKET NORCAL CANNABIS COMPANY With the California cannabis industry booming, it’s a rush to market for who can garner the attention of not just customers, retailers and partners, but also investors. And to come out on top, a company needs a clear brand narrative that’s credible, unique and memorable. Over the course of six months, we partnered with NorCal’s internal marketing team to build a brand from the ground up, from branding guidelines to film to social channels and event marketing, we touched every component of elevating NorCal’s reputation across the country. FILM Highlighting heritage is fantastic way to establish credibility in the eyes of the viewer, but how do we do so when the legal cannabis industry arose just a few years ago? We went back to our roots, uncovering a rich, largely undiscussed history growing cannabis in California. With NorCal bringing the best of “OG” weed culture with the best of Silicon Valley tech, we told the story of a new kind of vertically-integrated packaged goods company. In addition to extensive product testing, we did deep interviews with the C-Suite about their backgrounds and the history of cannabis in California. This resulted in a story about the decades of experience that NorCal brings to bear, as well as a never-ending passion for growth. SOCIAL With such a new industry, there’s always going to be variety of curious eyes that want an insider look into your day-to-day. Across social platforms, we accommodated for all the type of content that consumers, dispensaries, partners, investors. and even potential growers would want to see. This resulted in a very strategically planned channel strategy to feature content anywhere from product innovation to cannabis education, all while forming tight-knit communities across platforms. BRAND GUIDELINES Nowadays it’s hard to flip open a magazine or drive down the highway without seeing huge marijuana leaves, loud type, and every weed pun imaginable. We knew people were excited about the industry becoming legal, but also knew that brands that appear a little more grown-up have potential for the long haul. While still maintaining the charm of their past and present, we took NorCal to a more down to earth, authoritative and trustworthy presence in the industry.

  • Al Chapo's Playlists | Bonfire Labs

    TRANSLATING WEED TO MUSIC AL CHAPO'S PLAYLISTS Long-time weed connoisseur “Al Chapo” of Big Al’s Exotics is known to reinvent and remix his strains for his passionate fanbase. With Al as the OG, no-frills, honest AF spokesman on his social channels, he promotes his creations through pop culture references, memes, emojis and music. We took this one step further, by personifying nine of his most popular strains into Spotify playlists with custom album art and tracks that get even your ears high.

  • Fitbit Versa 2 | Bonfire Labs

    FITBIT VERSA 2 THIS IS LIFE, ELEVATED The launch film for what would become Fitbit’s flagship product. A massive success (with a much slimmer profile).

  • Salesforce 20th Anniversary Film | Bonfire Labs

    SALESFORCE 20TH ANNIVERSARY FILM ALL GROWN UP Salesforce, a basically anonymous try-hard of a local company, was about to turn 20. We implored them, aim high for a change! When they eventually caved and agreed that their story was worth telling, we crafted this unique story, augmenting it with all kinds of cool footage and throwback designs. Salesforce gained a bit of steam and finally made headlines as a result. This video was so successful that, as you probably know, the tallest building in San Francisco is now the Bonfire Labs Tower.

  • Tipping Point | Bonfire Labs

    TIPPING POINT AMPLIFIED EVENT MAKING NOISE FOR A GOOD CAUSE For this incredible nonprofit that fights poverty in the Bay Area, we covered event messaging, art installations, noise-responsive interactive elements, event photography and video, and live social media management. We can’t take credit for Janelle Monáe and The Roots, who were there too.

  • NorCal Cannabis "Heritage" | Bonfire Labs

    NORCAL CANNABIS COMPANY "HERITAGE" A BRAND FILM TO CELEBRATE PAST AND PRESENT One important thing to remember about brand history lessons: they are not memorable. Unless they are about cannabis! NorCal had a great product (trust us) but it was imperative to establish a standout brand in a boom industry full of startups. Bonfire Labs has been in Northern California long enough to know NorCal’s story began long before legalization. For decades, they did the work others wouldn’t, to provide the thing others couldn’t. That’s the reason they can claim the name.

  • Adobe Sensei | Bonfire Labs

    ADOBE SENSEI A CREATIVE PARTNER With powerful new technologies, there’s a fine line between explanation and over-explanation. So for the new Adobe Sensei technology, we made the bold decision to simply “show the feeling” of bringing AI to every product for an enraptured Adobe MAX crowd.

  • Ancestry Hand-in-Hand | Bonfire Labs

    ANCESTRY HAND-IN-HAND IF THESE HANDS COULD TALK Ancestry.com came to Bonfire Labs for help with a Labor Day promotion. Bonfire jumped aboard to direct and produce a conceptual spot that captures the feel of the 1890s and features jobs our ancestors held during that era. To keep the feeling authentic, we cast professional bakers, builders, teachers, and farriers. Our client liked our labor of love so much, they added a Times Square media buy to their schedule.

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