Thanks to you.
It’s been a great year for Bonfire Labs. Our ever-evolving flexible approach to production, design, strategy, and creative development continues to open new doors for us.
Among the list of new folks coming into our creative agency: Airbnb; Lytro; Square; GE Labs; and Varian Medical Systems. We were equally thrilled with returning long-time clients: Salesforce; Apple; Adobe; New Relic; AppDynamics; OSH; and LinkedIn - just to name a few.
To keep it brief, we’d love to share a couple of highlights of work we've completed with some of our new partners.
Airbnb engaged us in large part due to our past expertise in designing and creating educational content. Their host education initiative was intended to drive growth, educate, engage and deliver results to their new hosts from day one, and we couldn’t be prouder to have delivered such a broad-sweeping program in just over 100 days. Officially launched at Airbnb Open in November 2015 to hosts from all over the world, Bonfire Labs designed and built a broad education initiative in close collaboration with a three-person team from Airbnb's hospitality group, from the ground-up. The end result, 6 toolkits (courses), including but not limited to: 13 Animated Videos; 44 Live Action Videos; several downloadable PDFs; and 75 pages of copy that lived on 75 designed html pages in SchoolKeep - Airbnb's chosen Learning Platform.
Lytro is developing breakthrough technology that will reinvent the capture, workflow, and output of VR content. They needed more than a video to announce their new end-to-end solution for lifelike presence in VR. They needed a creative and collaborative partner. We stepped-in to help tell a simpler story about this complex technology, enlisting the help of luminaries in the field of VR including: Chris Milk and Aaron Koblin of VRSE; Felix & Paul; and Anthony Batt and Luis Blackaller of WeVR. Bonfire Labs was tasked with the concept, design and production of the video, including live-action for the interviews & vignette, and all post & fx - including custom tools (written in-house) to visually demonstrate how Lytro Immerge uses lightfield technology to reconstruct a scene.
Bonfire Labs Anniversary
It’s hard to believe, but as 2016 approaches, we look forward to celebrating 25 years in business. Originally known as Phoenix Editorial, the company rose from the ashes of Editel in 1991, transforming many times over to what is now Bonfire Labs - with its defining philosophies of Evolution and Experimentation. We’ve seen many changes in our past and look forward to many more as we continue to grow our business and expand our work with current and future partners. We thank you for your support and look forward to doing even more with you in the coming year.
Cheers and Happy Holidays!
Bonfire Labs